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Tech Talk: Where Coding Can Take You

Aside from companies in the technology sector, there is an increasing number of businesses relying on computer coding skills, from jobs in healthcare to entertainment.

If you know how to write code for computers, you’re already ahead by having one of the most in-demand and sought after skill sets across industries and in the digital economy. There are endless possibilities with coding and we’re here to show you where coding can take you!


Medical coding is emerging as a completely specialised profession in the healthcare sector. The health sector in Australia is data rich, and while information is crucial, it is also an underutilised asset for managing patients in health organisations. Improving data is a common concern for all hospitals and a central point of discussion between health information, business/data analysts, finance, and coding professionals. The data churned out by medical coding helps healthcare professionals make more accurate diagnosis and help in enhanced treatment protocols.


Endless amounts of entertainment can be created through coding. While musicians, actors, and radio hosts are the faces of the content you love, there is a vast network of software engineers and programmers who code the tech that edits, streams, and perfects your favorite media. The possibilities of coding also extend to the likes of video games and puzzles, and developing these skills could put you on stage in front of crowds of thousands, to running your very own hackathon — the choices are endless.


Coding allows for no limitation on your capacity for creation. Using coding to reduce the amount of time it takes to create complex art means there is more time to explore the creative process. You could be creating artwork that’s interactive, working with visual technologies, and apply your skills in various different ways. Algorithms and codes allow you to manipulate a design, to make it uniquely your own. DevArt is a new term that celebrates art made with code by artists that push the possibilities of creativity — where technology is their canvas and code is their raw material.


Coding and agriculture may seem to have no direct correlation, but it’s one of the areas where computing is making the biggest difference. From fields to factories, coding in agriculture is pushing for a more sustainable world. Farmers and computer scientists are now using technology and information to change and improve how we grow and cultivate food. For instance by using sensors embedded in fields and leveraging these vast sets of data to perform analysis, modern-day farmers now have the ability and resources to create automated harvesting methods.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting started, GitHub, the world’s largest open source platform, recently launched GitHub Learning Lab, offering a unique learning experience that you can actively participate in. There’s a friendly bot who can take you through a series of practical, fun labs that will give you the skills you need in no time!

 Guest post by Daniel Figucio, Director, Solutions Engineering, ASEAN and ANZ at GitHub.