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Swiping With Friends Road Tested

Tinder. We all have used it or at least know somebody who does. It has revolutionised the dating world and has made our thumbs get quite the work-out. But, in its newest update, Tinder has really out done itself.

Ladies and gentleman, you can now create a Tinder group with your friends, able to swipe yes and no to other groups. Squad Tinder is now a thing. #squadgoals

Whilst the update has been rather glitchy, it is an interesting concept nonetheless, so myself and two of my closest friends thought we would put this update to the test.

Basically, you and your friends are all in one profile. You are a package. You are then given 48 hours to swipe through other groups to your heart’s desire.

Here is what went down.

There is always the desirable one. Every time you match with a group, they will all be desperate to talk to the hottie in your group profile.

“Hey Monique”

“Hi Mon”

“Monique. What’s up”

Like, seriously? There are another two people in the group. I guess this is a con on squad Tinder. Sometimes you just have to take a back seat and be there just to make your friends look good. Friendship, amiright?

giphy (1)

Wing-manningLook, you are not going to be able to change the fact that the other profile are all interested in that one friend on yours, so you may as well be a wingman. Build your friend up to be a God or Goddess. A little marketing doesn’t hurt either. Drop their Instagram username and promote their selfies.

giphy (2)

Fight Club. If things become heated in a chat, a fight can easily break out. All of a sudden you are relying on your 12 year old instinctive keyboard warrior tactics. We had to resort to witty comebacks and sassy memes. (FYI: we won).

giphy (3)

New Friendships. You have the potential to meet some pretty cool new people. You can possibly all catch up for a lunch date or even a night out clubbing. The more the merrier!

giphy (5)

You give up your freedom. Your friends can match with people you may not necessarily have wanted to match with. “Hello” to that random girl you hooked up with at the club last week or that guy you said you would call back but never did. I suppose this does keep things interesting though! What is life without a little bit of drama?

giphy (6)

The banter is on point. This was honestly my favourite thing about Squad Tinder. Both groups are just exchanging funny and playful remarks. It keeps things light-hearted and full of interest!

giphy (4)

At the end of the day though, I don’t see Squad Tinder really working out as a means to meeting your significant other, but it is a lot of fun and a great chance to get together with your true soulmates. Your friends!

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