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Study Suggests Pill Can Protect From Some Cancers

A study conducted at the University of Aberdeen suggests that the pill may protect women from certain types of cancers including: bowel, endometrial or ovarian cancer. The study found that women who took the pill were less likely to experience the disease compared to women who didn’t take the pill.

The pill may protect against certain types of cancers
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The results are a part of  the longest study conducted in history, beginning in 1968 by the Royal College of General Practitioners’. Its goal is to determine the effects of oral contraception.

The daily birth control has been given a bad reputation in recent times, with a study being released that suggested some types of pills could be linked to depression.

The most recent study was conducted by Dr Lisa Iversen. It followed 46,000 women for up to 44 years. Due to this, the researchers were able to examine the long term effects of what the contraceptive pill would do to women’s bodies.

“What we found from looking at up to 44 years worth of data was that having ever used the pill, women are less likely to get colorectal, endometrial and ovarian cancer. So, the protective benefits from using the pill during their reproductive years are lasting for at least 30 years after women have stopped using the pill,” she said.

She also explained that the study did not find any evidence of new cancer risks popping up later in life.

With all things medical, one should consult their general practitioner or other medical professional before taking the oral contraceptive. Every person reacts differently to the medication, it is not a one size fits all kind of thing. So, you must weigh up the pros and cons for yourself as well.

Whilst that is fantastic news, we’re still asking the question, ‘will we ever get male contraception?’ It only seems fair…

the pill may prevent from certain types of cancers