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Strange fantasies we all had about being in our twenties

Remember when we were 15 and thought we’d be engaged by 21, married at 22, and have a house, three kids and a puppy by age 25? Let’s laugh together. Our absurd expectations may stem from the pre-conditioning of how life should be when we’re ‘grown-ups’, yet pretty much all of these predictions have failed. Here is the unofficial list of strange fantasies we all had about being in our twenties:


I don’t know about you but I still want to be a milf; just perhaps not at age 22. I love children and I’m a babysitter, so I tend to sacrifice a lot of my social life to hang out with a bunch of rugrats. Being a mum now would be tough though, both financially and mentally. Being a young, hot mum was one of the biggest fantasies girls had in junior high school. The thought of walking around with a stroller while people stare at you in your Lululemon get-up and think to themselves “wow, this mum is so attractive, I want to be her,” is probably one of the most exciting thoughts for any young highschooler dying to be a grown-up.

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We dreamed of a big wedding, a fancy car and exotic holidays. I mean, we still do. Realistically, you need to either commit fraud or have some old money lying around to be able to satisfy this fantasy in your early twenties, otherwise you’re sort of kidding yourself. Unfortunately, for big fat Australian weddings, you need to start saving like three years ago. That’s okay, I’m now happy with the idea of a barefoot wedding on a sandy beach with an esky and some couch cushions.

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Conceiving the Same Night as Your Best Friend

My best friend and I seriously used to love the idea of conceiving the same night with our husbands. Then we’d give birth on the same day, our kids would either become best friends or would fall in love with each other, and we would always hang out and have family-friend BBQs every weekend. I know – strange. Once I hear myself say it out loud it sounds like the strangest of fantasies. However, my friend and I weren’t the only young girls who wanted this – oddly enough, there’s a high number of people who shared this fantasy.

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Finding ‘The One’

Pfft. Even if we dial it down a notch and forget the strange idea of marriage in our early twenties, we all fantasised about being with our perfect partner, our soulmate, our partner in crime. However, finding ‘The One’ by age 21 definitely isn’t the case for most young adults. The person you spend the rest of your life could come into your life at any time – there’s no choosing, unfortunately.

Never Changing Our Eating Habits

We all desire to have perfect bodies without having to put in all the effort. However, little did we know how much our bodies change after high school. Drinking gives you a gut, and our metabolisms slow down faster than Matt and Lauren’s relationship on MAFS. If we don’t join the gym – and instead join a social life filled with drinking, heavy snacking, and ubers or buses to get to house parties that are just around the corner – then the toll will begin to show. Quick tip though: don’t follow fad diets. Just enjoy life and try to choose healthier life choices as much as you can.

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Did you have a strange fantasy about being in your twenties? Tell us in the comments below!