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Stephanie Meyer Shocks with New Novel

Does everyone remember the mastermind behind the vampire romance series, Twilight? Well, since, Stephanie Meyer has released two more novels. Her latest, The Chemist, is genuinely mind-boggling.

Now, I know so many people are shaking their heads like, “As if I’m going to read anything by Stephanie Meyer,” but hear me out. The premise of this story is a woman, who changes her name every day of the week, used to work for the American Government as a manufacturer of drugs to assist in interrogations – and she even was tasked with administering them. Then, the agency she worked for tried to kill her…three times. Now, they need her help. But is she getting the whole truth?


This action packed secret agent drama is genuinely one of the better books I have read in recent times. The protagonist is a strong, intelligent, if only just a little emotionally stunted, and proves that height and fighting ability may not be everything when it comes to survival.

It also demonstrates an interesting side to the post-September 11 United States, the one that is so desperate to prevent another terrorist attack like that again. There are so many television shows, novels and films about how America has handled the situation. However, this one puts you in the shoes of the torturer and it makes you sympathise with her. The main character explains how she got involved with the unnamed organisation, and it actually seems logical – as another character points out.

This novel is well written, and it builds in all the right places, but sometimes it reads as extremely over detailed. As someone who is not science inclined in the slightest, I don’t particularly care about how the protagonist creates her concoctions, how she sets them up to avoid capture. I just care about what they do.

Besides the length of the book, The Chemist is genuinely an interesting, one that I would recommend to people for a good summer beach read.