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Star Wars Battle Drones have Australia in sight

If you’ve ever wanted to pilot Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing or Darth Vader’s TIE fighter, now you can with a new range of drones inspired by the Star Wars franchise.

The collection features three of the most popular Star Wars flying fighters – the Star Wars 74-Speeder Bike™, the Star Wars TIE Advancedx1™ and the Star Wars T-65 X-Wing™ – beginning a new era of drone gaming through Propel’s world-class innovation and technology.

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The go-to Starfighter of the Rebel Alliance, this all-purpose craft with its exceptional speed and combat performance will serve well during aerial battles.

Wanting to maintain the image and continuity of the Star Wars world, Propel had to create a brand new technology, that being Reverse Propulsion technology. This means that the propellers are placed on the bottom of the drone rather than the top, resulting in the fighter looking like a fighter and not a drone as we know it. The propellers are also clear, making them virtually invisible when in flight.


The long and arduous journey for propel has been extremely rewarding one, with their engineers creating such a sleek and well thought out design. Bringing the vehicles from the Star Wars galaxy to ours. With a top speed of 45km per hour, experienced pilots will be able to harness the force in their own hands, becoming the heroes of the battlefield.

These drones also accommodate novices with T-mode (training mode), which sees the drone’s speed reduced by 30 per cent (of its slowest speed mode). As well as being extremely docile, each fighter will not fly higher than three meters off the ground stopping the drone from suddenly crashing into the floor. Not that it would be an issue if the drone did crash to the ground. Propel injects the drones in a unique polymer which makes the drone virtually indestructible, being able to bend and stretch at will.

Propel has created an enthralling experience for Star Wars fans, gamers and tech geeks by utilising a free smart phone app to teach users how to fly before they do in real life. There are 34 specifically-designed training missions to prepare you for drone battles being an extreme step forward for a new generation of gaming. The App also tracks every battle you compete in, saving all battle stats to your unique gamer profile.

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At the heart of the gaming platform is Intelligent Awareness Technology, that provides a real-time interactive gaming experience like no other. This includes Star Wars characters speaking directly to you from the controller, coaching you on how to shoot down your enemy.

The key ability of these drones and their unique way of ‘battling’ comes with the utilisation of Lifi capabilties, the next generation data transfer technology. LiFi is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, allowing for Light-Speed information transmission resulting in an instantaneous battling experience with up to 12 drones in the air at one time! This means you can shoot down a TIE fighter with ease as your X-Wing flies through the sky(walker) and dodges incoming fire from other members of the dark side trying to take you down.

The most awesome part about this new technology is the possibility of the gaming functions for the future. With drone battles being conducted around the world, it will soon be possible to create worldwide tournaments and leader boards for determined pilots to reach their highest potential and climb in the world’s rankings. These drones are out of this world!


With the December 14 premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Propel is also releasing 1,977 Limited Edition souvenir boxed drones to celebrate the year the first Star Wars movie aired on the big screen.

The boxes have a matte black finish, are individually numbered and wax sealed. When the top is lifted, it unveils the drone on a light box and plays Star Wars themed music relevant to each of the three fighters. These limited edition drones will be available on the 17th of November with just three per store. They’re expected to sell out in minutes with a $100 dollar manufacturer rebate during the first 48 hours.


Needless to say that these drones are completely awesome and would be a perfect addition to anyone’s Christmas list this holiday season.

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Jump on into JB HI FI, Harvey Norman, Tech 2 Go, Myer, Apple Stores or Telstra (selected stores only) to pick up your own Star Wars inspired drone on November 21st and harness the power of the force in your own hands.