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Spider-Men take over Central Park

To celebrate the release of Spider-man: Homecoming on Blu-ray and DVD, ten Spider-Men took to Sydney’s Central Park to show locals what Spider-Man does best: parkour!

Spider Man comes to Sydney!
Peter ‘Parkour’ athletes were in their element at the cityscape, transformed Sydney’s atmosphere into Spidey’s home of New York.

Ninja Warrior’s twin stars, Dylan and Brodie Pawson, along with the Australian Academy of Parkour, appeared in Spider-Man suits in Sydney’s Central Park last week. The event began with a demonstration of their acrobatic abilities. The second part of the day included active parkour workshops to teach the public the agile skills of their ancestors, the AAPES (see what I did there), and to trust their instincts.

The parkour athletes brought the fictional hero to life to celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming on DVD and Blu-ray. Their flipping, bouncing and jumping struck Sydney’s public with jaw-dropping stunts, giving the city its own taste of the everyday superhero.

Ten Spider-Men working together to keep Sydney safe

Instructors took charge to involve the crowd in true Peter Parkour fashion, truly turning Sydney’s Central Park into New York – Spidey’s own home. Australian Survivor’s own second runner up, Peter, made an appearance to tackle challenges similar to the ones he conquered in Samoa. He said the course was “fun and exhilarating” and “it’s something that everyone should give a go.”

Parkour enthusiasts enjoyed thrilling demonstrations and hands-on workshops at Central Park Mall last week.  The lower ground of the centre was transformed into a New York style environment. Lucky fans learnt how to overcome obstacles, and jump and land with precision like Spidey! This event was only the latest in a series of fun, dynamic ploys to celebrate the release of DVDs in Sydney’s city landscape. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming is out now on Blu-Ray and DVD. Swing into stores now to grab your copy!