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Space Wars: Interstellar Empires Review

A turn-based tactical strategy MMO with an intriging story, unique visuals and compelling combat, Space Wars: Interstellar Empires is a new experience supplying only the best space battling fantasy for sci fi fans.

From publisher ToHeroes and developer Desert Owl Games, this new adventure allows the player to side with one of four races battling to control the galaxy. You can select an advanced spacecraft and a pilot that will assist you in battles across the cosmos, conquering one planet at a time. These tense battles between the dominant forces of the universe can stretch on for months on end until one faction is victorious.


Sounds pretty cool right?

I chose to side with the Sol Imperial Worlds which is referred to as the human race falling under a military style dictatorship (because I’m boring like that). I was extremely surprised with how different each ships design was so unique, giving each faction a different visual personality. My play style in any video game revolves around fast movements, getting in and swiftly getting out at the cost of high damage. So, I chose a ship which was able to move around the map swiftly with decent damage, however low armour.

That leads me to talk about THE MAP. It is so beautiful. The way Desert Owl has incorporated visual effects into the very gameplay mechanics with gigantic planets looming and being weaved into the battlefield is nothing but an enthralling experience. Having to navigate such a turn based game is such a unique experience, the colours are also phenomenal.


Once you first get into battle, it is a little bit difficult to get your bearings and grasp the overall concept of the game. The tutorial provides some assistance in understanding, however, it’s easier just to experiment without the confines of a tutorial arena (and it’s a lot more fun to be rebellious). It’s like a lot of hex-based strategy games with fights playing out turn by turn. Each ship will have its own power pool to divert energy to weapons, force fields, sensors, and propulsion.

What I realised from my first battle was that my fast or agile ship can move incredibly far each turn with a high propulsion score, while a larger freighter might be less agile but have a stockpile of weapons or force fields. Needless to say, my first battle resulted in my ship being blown to smithereens. How well, you live and learn.


In true MMO fashion, I also got to level up my ship which gave me customisation features for it. You do this by using a currency called LP to buy Skill Points aboard your ship.  These are like big talent trees for your ship, so while don’t necessarily increase your attack or defense power directly, they allow your ship to do things in combat.

The rewards system in this game is also quite good. Successful captains (such as myself) will not only help their factions gain territory and riches, but acquire new character upgrades, more powerful warships, and other rewards. It’s an experience with very few opportunities for micro-transactions to make a different to gameplay. With more than one hundred vessels to collect, players will boast no shortage of variety in this persistent universe that can support over 1000 players per server.

I would also like to commend the comic book art style and cut scenes, their uniqueness and hipsterish aesthetic were extremely appealing and fresh. The graphics throughout the whole game were exceptional apart from my avatar who kind of looked like he had no soul (I made him ginger, that was my first mistake).

Coupling boundless depth and player choice with a comprehensive tutorial accommodating to even the greenest of pilots and strategy game newcomers, Space Wars provides an engaging tactical multiplayer experience for all players to enjoy while setting out to conquer the galaxy.