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Soundwave Tattoos Bring Tatts to Life

Tattoos are a creative and fun way to immortalise whatever you want on your body – so long as it’s an image.

A tattoo company in America is looking to change that, however, coming up with the idea  of sound wave tattoos. That is, getting a recorded message tattooed on you and using an app to play it back to you. Woah!

Soundwave Tattoos by Skin Motion are the first company in the world to pioneer this kind of technology. The mobile app uses augmented reality to allow users to scan the tattoo and hear what has been recorded.

The video below shows one of the company’s tattoo artists demonstrating this nifty tech. Juliana got her dog Baci’s bark tattooed on her arm (dog lovers everywhere eat your hearts out).

Skin Motion’s website says this is a “new way to share your most personal self-expression”. It’s definitely an intimate and personal way to feel connected with whoever’s (or whatever’s)  voice you get tattooed. I’m just picturing a whole new level of heartbreak when you get your ex’s voice tattooed on your body saying “I love you”. Imagine hearing that replayed over and over.

Alternatively, it can be a sweet way to remember loved ones who have passed on. The possibilities are endless with this soundwave tattoo concept, but don’t get too excited. They’re not available in Australia just yet, as the tattoo artists and technology is only available in America.

Want a soundwave tatt but don’t want to fly to the US of A? Well, Skin Motion have built a ‘tattoo artist network’ of people just waiting to get their hands on this tech. With a bit of luck  soundwave tattoos might be coming to Australia sometime soon.