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Everything We Know So Far About Sony’s “Venom” Movie

Over the past month more and more little nuggets about Sony’s Venom movie have been released. In no time at all, this film has gone from “what if” to  “a sure thing”.

Venom is a Marvel Comics character who’s most commonly know as one of Spider-Man‘s main villains. Although the character’s mantle can be passed around, the villain is most commonly associated with the character of Eddie Brock. Brock first becomes Venom when he comes into contact with a symbiotic alien suit previously attached to Spider-Man. In the comics, the the Venom alter-ego is currently attached to Lee Price. The character has appeared on screen only once previously, when Topher Grace portrayed him in Spider-Man 3.

Like many contemporary films, the first piece of information publicised was the release date. The new film will hit US cinemas on October 5 2018. It has yet to be announced if a similar date will be set for world-wide release.

Seeing as Venom is a primary villain for Spider-Man, it would only make sense that the new film would be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but sadly that’s not the case. Sony has decided to use the super-villain to launch their own Marvel universe, similar what Fox did with their X-Men universe. While it won’t feature Tom Holland‘s iteration of Spider-Man, it’s still unclear if they will have their own version of the web-slinger. Many people are predicting that if they do launch another version of Spider-Man, the Miles Morales version would be the most likely.

Sony has reportedly decided to make Venom an R-rated superhero flick, following a recent trend (Deadpool anybody?). The  adult-rating made more sense once My Entertainment World released information claiming that the film would start filming during the US fall and will be of the genre of Action/Horror/Sci-fi. This added support to the fan theory which believed recent film, Life, was a prequel to this Venom film. The theory has since been proven false, however, people believe that the Venom film could have a similar feel to Life, which is also an R-rated Horror/Sci-fi/Thriller.

With no casting yet announced, it’s expected that this will be the next piece of news to come out about Sony’s Venom film.