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Social media is changing the ways celebrities communicate

Social media has revitalised the way that everyone communicates, so it should come as no surprise that it has changed the way celebrities communicate as well. I’m not just talking about with each other either (although many celebrities such as Chrissy Teigan and John Legend use Twitter to show us how perfect they are); I’m talking about how celebrities take the message into their own hands.

Twitter specifically seems to be the medium of choice for celebrities to quickly shut down rumours that have gone viral. I can think of a few incidents off the top of my head, where I’ve just sat back and watched the carnage unfold before my very eyes. Twitter promotes a sense of ‘real time’ updates, which is its whole appeal, and when there’s drama happening, most people can’t help but watch.

Social media
Usually, we’re all Oprah, praying for the drama but also kind of not. Source.

This was the case with the Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj ‘drama’ in 2015, where Swift inserted herself into a conversation where her opinion wasn’t required, and Minaj was quick to tell her what’s what. This had news accounts buzzing with the latest feud between the two popular artists when, in reality, all that happened was a simple tweet.

With celebrities being able to control their messages, this has seen a few celebrities speak out about injustices they see within the world. This was the case with Constance Wu, who was disgusted by Casey Affleck’s Oscar nomination and wasn’t afraid to let her feelings known to her followers (and later on, when the story was picked up by the news, the world).

One more prominent use of Twitter in the media lately is none other than the President of the United States, Donald Trump. He seems to have bypassed using traditional forms of media, such as press releases and proper speeches and often opts to fire out his feelings in 140 characters of less with little thought about what he’s putting into the world. His latest tweet was in response to his ‘Muslim ban’ being blocked by US judges.

What I’m trying to say is although Twitter and other social media platforms have become staples in how we communicate with each other, it’s definitely surprising to see that this is the case with celebrities and politicians. With privacy online virtually no existent, it’s interesting to learn that everyone has an opinion and more and more celebrities are letting these opinions known.