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The Film ‘Snatch’ Has Been Made Into A TV Series

Ah, another reboot. However, this one means we get to see Chuck Bass, Ron Weasley and Freddie sharing the screen.


Get out. Source

In 2000 a film called Snatch was directed by Guy Ritchie. It featured big name actors like Jason Statham and Brad Pitt. Now, in the era of bringing back what has been, a 10 part TV show has been created.

It features Rupert Grint, Luke Pasqualino and Ed Westwick. By having those three big name British actors, the show was bound to get some attention (and some ladies swooning).

Ed Westwick to star in Snatch

It even features Marc Warren, who starred in one of those Doctor Who episodes that don’t actually feature The Doctor.

Marc Warren to star in Snatch
Shouldn’t have upset Rose’s Mum Elton. Source.

Snatch follows the lives of young adults as they try to get rich quick through theft, organised crime and loads of drinking. Whilst it’s not a far cry from the Chucks and the Freddies of the world, we wonder if Ron will be out of his league in the story.

We have to admit, though, he does look pretty dapper in those suits.

The series is set to premiere on Crackle on March 16. You can watch the trailer below.