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Six funky ways to celebrate Easter as a twenty-something

Once you hit adulthood, the Easter Bunny forgets you actually need some love (and chocolate) too – so we’ve compiled a list of simple and fun ‘grown-up’ ways to celebrate Easter:

Easter egg hunt for adults

Instead of Easter eggs, how about something more appropriate for your average millennial? If you’re hosting, maybe you can hide some $5 earphones from the BP, some chocolate, miniature liquor bottles, or coupons for the chicken shop next door; make it relevant and something more exciting to get your mates fighting to win the most products. If we were all rolling in dough, how amazing would it be to go on an ‘egg hunt’ for an iPad or Airpods? *Sigh* if only.

Easter bunny gif

Easter cocktail tasting

Easter-themed cocktails are a fun and interesting way to get silly during the long-weekend. An Easter cocktail is basically anything with Baileys, kahlua, and chocolate liqueur; or a carrot as a garnish (ew). If you find that five days off work has given you plenty of time to potter around in the kitchen snacking on Halloween candy from year four, then invite your friends over for an Easter cocktail tasting. If you’re in prank mode after a few hours of alcohol tasting, you can blindfold your friends to ‘guess the flavours.’ Mixing in other brown-black ingredients in your chocolate-milky cocktails – like Vegemite or Coca Cola – is a good way to end the night early if you have plans the next morning.

BBQ with a twist

It may be Autumn, but come on, it’s basically still Summer! Check the forecast – we’re headed for an average of medium 20’s. Take advantage of the next few days to have one last BBQ bonanza with friends or family with some delicious Easter-themed produce. Chargrill some carrots on the barbie, have an egg and potato salad, roast lamb (which I believe is the traditional meat to eat on Easter?), and a hot cross bun themed dessert. Make an event out of it; this could be the perfectly intimate Easter Sunday lunch with housemates or the fam.

Cork and canvas

Grab some friends and a bottle of wine (or Baileys if you really want to get into the spirit of creamy chocolate deliciousness) and paint anything that represents Easter to you. This could be a chocolate egg, an Easter bunny, a playboy bunny; it really is up to you. You could also make it into a competition where the winner receives a chocolate gift basket. Seriously, by the end of the long weekend you will be in a chocolate, alcohol and lactose intolerance (I’m looking at you, Baileys) induced coma if you follow all of these activity ideas.

Egg and Spoon race

This activity is just as fun (and bizarre) as an adult. Grab an expired carton of eggs and run for your life as you compete with mates in a backyard setting with an egg on the spoon; it’s strangely enjoyable. You could also do this at your Easter-themed BBQ lunch…

Plant some flowers

Is your home – the place you should feel at your most zen – becoming a little toxic and not as alive as it used to be? Then you should plant some flowers, or plant anything (not Karl’s weed), to bring some life back into the place. Easter is all about rebirth, and flowers are a beautiful symbol to represent this. Millennials are definitely not renowned for being the generation of green thumbs (pretty sure our parents’ generation were, my god they plant a lot!) but it’s something different and out of your comfort zone, as well as wonderfully therapeutic. Blast some bangers on the UE Boom – unless it’s Sunday, let your neighbours sleep or eat their chocolate in peace – and plant some god damn flowers.

Which activity will you enjoy this Easter? Tell us in the comments below!