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Six BEST Tips To Follow When Clubbing

We all  have to admit that certain nights of our youth have been dedicated to spending time in dodgy nightclubs, grinding up on sweaty strangers and partying with our best friends. These nights run the risk of becoming complete and utter train wrecks though, if the proper steps aren’t taken to ensure that you will party like legends and not like patients on the road to another round of rehab.

  1. Pay for your cab share.

The amount of times I have been caught in this sticky situation is ridiculous. Everyone in the cab should chip in for their share of the fare. Yes, that includes the person sitting in the very back who is often the quietest during the whole cab ride. Cough up some coinage.

  1. The ATM is your worst enemy.

Many of you have probably checked your bank card the next day and seen that a series if multiple transactions were taken out at the nightclub’s ATM. This is not a good thing. Sure, drunk you is having a blast and may even be feeling a little generous, wanting to buy your friends some drinks, but sober and hung over you in the morning is only going to be feeling regret. 

  1. Find that one friend who also McLoves McNuggets

I cannot stress this enough. You need to find someone in the group of friends you are clubbing with who will be down for a midnight feed. Not only does McDonald’s taste like God’s gift but it will ensure that your hangover isn’t too deadly. 

  1. That cute boy isn’t actually cute.

Beer goggles are real. When you are out clubbing and you begin flirting with someone you find attractive, really just think about it. Are they only attractive because you have had three shots of tequila? Or maybe ten? Are the strobes and darkness masking their true identity? Remember what Katy Perry once said; you DO NOT want to go to bed with a 10 and wake up with a 2.

  1. Know your limits.

Cocktails and shots can be fun but nobody likes it when someone goes into an alcohol coma. Enjoy your night without turning into one of the walking dead. Have a glass of water instead of that fourth Long Island Ice Tea.

  1. Have a buddy system.

The buddy system is imperative to having a good night out. In a nightclub you can easily become separated from your friends and in some cases even left behind. There is nothing worse than receiving a text from your friends saying that they are all home in bed and you are still at the club. The buddy system is also great when you are being danced on by someone you have no interest in. Simply give your friend a signal and all of a sudden you are getting low with your friends as they keep your unwelcome admirer at bay.

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Hopefully after following these tips you will wake up in the morning with the fondest of memories and the biggest problem you will have to face is how to get off those nasty nightclub stamps which are printed up and down your arm.