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SINGLE REVIEW: Little Lover by Broadhurst

It isn’t often a musician says goodbye to their successful career in order to reinvent themselves and go it alone, but Sydney-based artist Broadhurst has done just that, dropping his debut single Little Lover in the process.


The singer-songwriter, producer and former founding member of Australian dance music group Sneaky Sound System has created a lush cinematic indie-pop orchestration with fellow producer, Scott Horscroft. Combining this with smooth and genuine lyrics, Nick Broadhurst gives an emotive and haunting vocal performance.

Releasing an official music video to coincide with the track, director James Chappell and Broadhurst explore concepts of masculinity and femininity by depicting sex and sensuality through contemporary dance. Using red paint as a representation of his love, the performer creates a visually appealing masterpiece.

This track is a perfect debut introduction to Broadhurst’s new musical journey, showing us all he has a knack for delivering a complex story with simplicity and focus to us humble listeners. If you’re as impressed as we are by Broadhurst’s latest sound, there’s a live show in development later this year so keep your eyes out for it.