Seven best Groupon deals in Sydney for the frugal millennial

All millennials dream of the day we can afford a luxe dinner out with friends and not have to think twice when the bill arrives; or have the mullah to buy that special someone the perfect birthday present without breaking the bank. In fact, millennials are continuously vilified for ruining a variety of industries because we simply cannot afford them. Thankfully, there are tonnes of deals and coupons out there to help us out until we’re ‘thirty, flirty and thriving’. Here are seven of the best Groupon deals for all twenty-somethings trying to save a buck or two:

High Tea

Perhaps five years ago, this would’ve sounded like the snobbiest of ideas for a day out with a friend. Today however, there are more high tea events in the CBD than seagulls at Bondi beach (okay, not really). High teas are one of the most thoughtful presents you can give a girlfriend, sister or mother for their birthdays. Enjoy pleasant conversation while nibbling on small sweet and savoury treats and sipping on champagne or a cocktail. This trending Groupon deal comes with rosé, scones, classic high tea sandwiches and some delicious desserts with a modern twist.

Escape room

I’ve personally never experienced the wonders of an escape room game, but I’ve heard great things. For those who don’t know what an escape room is, it’s quite simply a game in which players attempt to solve a series of riddles using clues, hints, and strategies to physically escape the room/s. It sort of sounds like the grown-up version of ‘murder in the dark’. This Groupon deal in particular comes with refreshments in the lounge area and a tongue-in-cheek detective photo shoot. There are six rooms available and they are all based on historical Australian events.

Spa day

If you’re looking for a personal day to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in a private space, a spa day is perfect. Day spas, with or without the coupon, are going to be exxy; it will still be a ‘treat yourself’ occasion. This deal on Groupon comes with an insane treatment package: a one hour Swedish massage, a half hour infrared sauna session, and a 15-minute Hydrovita massage experience. You’ll also receive tea and custom-made chocolate. What’s not to love?

Hunted experience

This interactive horror experience is one to add to your bucket list of strange things to do on a Wednesday night. The deal reads: “Come for an unforgettable night of horror to experience the mystery surrounding a ghoulish lake where an ancient ritual went wrong. The dark acts committed in the past have created powerful shadows and folks go by the water after dark and come out changed, they see things and hear voices that aren’t there.” Perhaps this one isn’t for the faint hearted. Seriously though, this deal is selling fast; all Saturday nights are booked out for the next two months.

Luxe dinner

When I think of fine dining in Sydney, I think of French cuisine. There aren’t many French restaurants in Sydney compared to Italian, Thai and Chinese; it would be the most appropriate style of food for a special night out in the town. The best deal on Groupon for this is ‘The Little Snail’. As someone who’s visited twice, I can assure you it is an unforgettable dining experience. Without trying to sound like a 55-year-old North shore uncle that looks like Matt Preston, the restaurant has great service, a warm atmosphere and a mouth-watering menu.

Online courses

From art classes and cooking lessons to learning languages and salsa dancing, there are tonnes of ridiculously cheap classes and online courses on Groupon to feast your mind and pick up new absurd hobbies; hello, there is a yoga course for $4. In the spirit of the trending obsession of eating well and ‘gramming it constantly (e.g. kale and coffee smoothies), let’s take a look at the hot deal of the ‘Naturopath and Wellness’ course. At 95% off, the online course is “designed to provide the full understanding of proper nutrition and herbalism. These courses have no time limit to complete them.”

Comedy Club

Try mixing up your social life activities by going to a comedy club. It might not be Kevin Hart standard or the next Bill Burr, but it’s a bit of fun on a week night after work to just laugh or sigh at some innocent comedy. You also usually get a few free drinks. I’m a horribly frugal girlfriend and gave my boyfriend a $9 Groupon voucher for Christmas to watch some comedy with me; we’re booked in for late February so DM me in the near future for a personal review. Speaking of reviews, they are all squeaky clean 5 stars, and one reviewer commented on how they wish it went for longer.

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