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Lightning Strikes Thrice With Latest ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is fast approaching a decade since its inception and with more than sixteen films made to speak of, it shows no signs of stopping, especially with the trailer reveal of its next installment: Thor: Ragnarok.

This marks the seventeenth film in the MCU, the third Thor film and Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth’s fifth outing as the titular hero. During his time on the big screen, the Thunder God has taken on Frost Giants, government agents, his brother Loki, age-old space elves, aliens and homicidal robots. But now in his third venture, Thor is about to take on his most dangerous foe yet: Cate Blanchett!

Well, not really…

After returning from his adventures on Earth, Thor returns to Asgard only to be met with the Goddess of Death, Hela (played by Cate Blanchett). Not only does she ravage his world and depose his father, Odin, but she also destroys his hammer, Mjolnir, the source of his power. Thrown in a botched journey of ‘self-discovery’ as he is abducted and taken to Saakar, Thor finds himself at the mercy of the machinations of a glitter-speckled Grandmaster (played by Jeff Goldblum) and the return of his frenemy Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk. As the cataclysmic Ragnarok has come to pass, Thor realises that in order to save the universe itself, he must form his own team to find his father, defeat Hela and take back Asgard.

Whew! Why do people always leave the Aussie guys with the hard work? Joking aside, this looks to be the most interesting Thor film yet. The neo-Norse scenery has been traded in for retro, 80’s sci-fi visuals, the story and stakes are higher than ever before and Cate Blanchett’s role as Hela marks the MCU’s first main female antagonist. But if any of the reasons aren’t enough to entice you, then this one should: A Thor and Hulk rematch!

Thor: Ragnarok will arrive in cinemas in mid-November.