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San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Top Trailers

For those lucky enough to make it to San Diego Comic-Con 2016: congratulations. We’re very jealous. But for the majority of the population, this past weekend has involved a lot of refreshing webpages, listening and deciphering the announcements from panels, and watching trailers. Lots and lots of trailers. Frankly it’s the only thing that keeps us going until film releases and television premiers. So it’s time to breakout those analytic skills and check out some of the top trailers from SDCC 2016.

Maybe if I visualise it REALLY hard, it’ll be like I am there…

As per usual, the biggest contributors this weekend were Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers. I’ll admit I’m not much of a DC cinematic person but I was pretty impressed with the full trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League that dropped unexpectedly.


One word comes to mind: Badass. There’s no shortage of battle scenes in this debut trailer for the film in which Wonder Woman (Gal Godot) absolutely kicks ass and smashes the patriarchy in the face to boot. While the chivalrous yet condescending attitude of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is not out of place in that time, there was surely many a fist-pump and quiet “Yesssssss” when Wonder Woman essentially tells him to get stuffed. Comic buff or not, this film looks like it will certainly deliver a phenomenal portrayal of the much loved Amazonian. Keen as a bean.

DC is going to try to give Marvel a run for their money with its upcoming crossover film but don’t worry, it looks fantastic. And by ‘it’ I mean Jason Momoa as Aquaman because hot damn. Why does that shot of water engulfing him make me think of ads for mouthwash or peppermint gum? So fresh. The trailer focuses on Bruce Wayne’s pulling together his little team of heroes and we grab a few shining moments from each of them – and it’s clear Synder has opted to trade in his dark tones for a lighter, funnier one. Good decision considering the recent BvS. We’ll be well acquainted with majority of the characters by the time Justice League hits cinemas in November 2017 but damn, this movie looks cool.


Marvel Studios dominated their panels with short teasers from their numerous upcoming Netflix series: Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders. Sometimes less is more and these teasers certainly pack a punch.

Literally just a minute of Luke Cage (Mike Colter) beating people up to an awesome soundtrack. Sold! Luke was definitely a stand out character during his time on Jessica Jones and fans have been eagerly snatching up any scraps thrown their way regarding his solo television debut. SDCC delivered and it looks sweeeeet.

The teasers for Iron Fist and Defenders don’t give too much away but you can still feel the excitement radiating from the internet. Iron Fist’s main man Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is, of course, the final piece of the puzzle in

the lead up for the Netflix crossover miniseries Defenders (also starring Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage). We know Marvel mash up superheroes well on the big screen, but how will they fare on Netflix?

Marvel brought the big guns to their panel with a new trailer for the upcoming Dr Strange which did not disappoint in the slightest! Warning: This shit gets trippy. But the hype is strong with this one. We finally get a look at Strange using some cool magic and his sweet, sweet fashion with that red cape. There’s a closer look at Mads Mikkelsen who should definitely invest in some quality moisturiser for that scaly skin.


In case you missed them while you were having a nerdgasm over those previous trailers, SDCC had so much more to give in the way of much anticipated footage. Somewhere between learning how to become a reality-bending sorcerer, Benedict Cumberbatch (finally) found some time to don his Sherlockian persona once more for Sherlock season 4. I wasn’t expecting this trailer. There was flailing. It’s all very mysterious and quite dark without giving really anything away but we do see a snippet of the new villain of the month played by Toby Jones. But overall: ‘Did you miss me?’ YES.

And finally, whether you 99% sure you know who cops the shitty end of the (spiked) stick when it comes to The Walking Dead, or you’re still in denial about someone definitely being dead, the trailer for season 7 hits you right in the gut. As if things weren’t bad enough, it’s essentially a montage of happy moments before brutally reminding you: yup, someone was horribly killed. While we do see more of Negan, there’s one stand out moment for me and holy crap guys: King Ezekiel and Shiva. And the Kingdom. Hell yeah! Season 7 is going to be incredible.

There’s plenty more trailers to be enjoyed now that SDCC 2016 has come and gone, these were but only a few. Check out our recap of the expected and surprising aspects of the Con as well for some more juicy details.