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Say Good Riddance To PC Gaming Lag with Game Path by Optus

Tech Terms defines lag as: “a delay between your input and what happens on the screen”. The average gamer would define lag as the most annoying aspect of their life. Or in some cases the sole reason they are losing a game.

The main cause of lag with PC gamers is a poor internet connection. A gamers internet may not be sending and receiving information fast enough to remain competitive with other players in their match.

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One of the most frustrating things about gaming is not being able to experience the pure awesomeness an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game has to offer because of lag. Well, say goodbye to lag in 2020 thanks to Optus and their new optimiser service Game Path.

Game Path is designed to improve the gaming experience for serious and casual PC gamers by directing your internet traffic over the most effective internet pathway. Thus reducing lag and giving PC gamers a smoother gaming connection.

A study conducted by Optus found that over 50% of PC gamers experienced the painstaking problem of lag. With so many gamers in the world all logging on at similar times, servers and internet providers can become unsurprisingly overwhelmed.

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Game Path analyses gaming traffic and the countless routes your gaming information can take and finds the fastest most effective path to the specific game server and routes the traffic down that path. This method of pinpointing the fastest pathway to the gaming server is effective as gaming servers are generally overseas. Thus improving PC gamers internet connection as well as their overall experience while playing online games.

With online gaming becoming the fast-paced environment that is has become. Game Path will enable PC gamers to meet their high-speed internet needs by reducing lag by up to 30%. Allowing gamers to continue dominating in online games such as Overwatch, League of Legends and PUBG to name a few.

Optus Game Path Ambassador, Laymen Gaming who has over 240,000 subscribers on his YouTube gaming and game review channel expressed his joy while using the Game Path and gave insight into the future of gaming. He also settled a long-running debate in the gaming community.

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What do you think a product like Game Path can offer Aussie gamers and has it improved your gaming experience so far?

Well, I think it helps a bunch of different gamers in Australia. Game Path will primarily help with games that only have international servers e.g Final Fantasy XIV, eliminating a large portion of lag by connecting to those servers on the most efficient path and allow players to react faster in PVE/PVP situations. It also will allow ageing games with smaller populations to exist longer since you can find games outside Australia when the Oceanic servers aren’t robust enough to support smaller queues. This will lower lag while connecting to servers further abroad.

The life of a gaming streamer is obviously a full-time job, can Game Path streamline your workday by eliminating lag?

When a live audience is watching, you want the whole experience to be seamless, smooth and of course as lag-free as possible. Streaming competitive games that are connecting to international servers will allow players to react quicker and hopefully get a better kill to death ratio while people are watching!

What AAA game releases are you most excited for in 2020 and 2021?

Definitely CyberPunk 2077. It’s been a great year for gaming. FF7 Remake and Ghosts of Tsushima have been some of my favourites. But Cyberpunk is what I’m excited for!

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What MMO’s are you playing at the moment and why?

I’m a HUGE Final Fantasy XIV fan. I started playing it last year after over 10 years with World of Warcraft, and I just immediately fell in love with the characters, story and world. It’s been my go-to MMO ever since, and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. It’s just awesome.

Settle the debate once and for all. Is PC or console better?

PC is my go-to, but I’ve had hundreds if not thousands of great hours on consoles. It depends on what you’re looking for!

Get on board today and add-on Game Path to your current Optus internet plan for only $10. If you’re serious about online gaming on PC and you regularly play online games with international servers then this is the service for you.

Reduce lag and spikes in your internet connection before your next epic battle. No more getting booted by your team during team deathmatches because your crappy internet connection is affecting your KD ratio. Effectively costing your team that easy win.

Find out more about Game Path today. Click the link to learn about the one-month free trial.


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