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Sausage Party: A Provocative and Hilarious Adult Comedy

When people first saw the trailer for Sausage Party, many were fooled into thinking that it was another kid-friendly animation. But as a number of parents found out before the screening of Finding Dory, they were so very wrong. Sausage Party is undoubtedly the weirdest, funniest and most shocking comedy you will see this year. If you’re easily offended, stay well clear. If you’re not easily offended, however, Sausage Party is a must-see comedy that will make you laugh until it hurts.

The voice-cast for Sausage Party is pretty huge and includes Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd and Edward Norton, just to name a few. The plot is so absurd that there is no point in me describing it. It has to be seen to be believed. However, I will say that the basic idea of the film is that a sausage experiences a major existential crisis when he finds out a disturbing truth about what happens when they are taken by human customers.

The first thing to say about Sausage Party, apart from the fact that is most definitely not for kids, is that the film is much smarter than the concept suggests. The film is surprisingly insightful and has a lot to say on religion, belief systems and political conflict (stating the conflict would ruin the surprise). Apart from being insightful, Sausage Party is absolutely hysterical and seriously pushes the boundaries of what can be shown in an MA-rated film. The cursing is almost constant (almost too much), the sexual innuendo is crude but absolutely spot-on and the tone change at one point is quite alarming, and borders on turning into a horror-slasher.

When it comes to the voice-cast, everyone brings their A-game. Seth Rogen’s character Frank is not as Seth Rogen-ish as you would expect, although he inevitably still manages to blaze up during the film. Edward Norton is absolutely hysterical as a neurotic Jewish bagel, who is clearly impersonating the great Woody Allen. The animation itself is quite gorgeous and cleverly switches colour palettes when representing the humans’ perspective and the foods perspectives.

Sausage Party is an incredibly surreal and hysterical film which will remembered for quite some time and ranks with Deadpool as the funniest comedy of the year.

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