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Our Girls Rocked the Runway in RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 10 Episode 3

Grinding right into our television, laptop and mobile screens is Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 10: Episode 3. We were all left gagging after this week’s episode. The girls bumbled their way into this week, tendering some of their flaming personalities with Tinder as this week’s maxi challenge involved new age dating apps! We’ll be on the prowl for the hottest and most hilarious hooks of this week.

We begin the episode with a sad goodbye to Kalorie, as Eureka is saved by her stunning lip-sync. Quickly, we are ushered into the mini-challenge for this week which is an on-camera casting call for a RuPaul chocolate bar.

Miz Cracker wanna cracker? Or a chocolate bar? (source)

The sleazy, easy, beautiful RuPaul stands off-screen, giving directions to the girls every which way, generating delicious results. It is very reminiscent of the last challenge of season 6 where the girls had to deal with that creepy Ru telling them what to do. Except this time they’re using props from a porno and a cheaper photographer, so all the better we say!

The winners of this mini-challenge are our Broadway baby, Blair St. Claire, Monet X Change and Monique Heart. Let’s just say all know their way around a chocolate bar, ladder and how to take direction. Now, with power comes great responsibility and thus the winning girls are unsurprised to discover they will be leading their respective teams. We can all hear Kandy Ho in our ears.


These challenges can make or break the girls, and I’m scared for our favourites.

As the teams are chosen, one by one, girls get plucked from the row and we are left with Yuhua which is TERRIBLE foreshadowing for her in this week’s challenge. First it happened to Eureka. We’ll see what happens to Yuhua. Blair’s team is given End of Days (an apocalyptic dating app for the end of the world), Monet gets Madam ButtrFace (app for ladies with a good body) and team Monique is given Fibstr (for all those pathological liars out there, also known as everyone on the internet).

The girls go off into their little groups and we can already see Mayhem’s discontent and disconnection with her group. Monique is having none of that shit, henny. She notices, realizes and points out the obvious in this situation, “Closed mouths don’t get fed.”

We can assume that her self-consciousness has been scorned due to being picked second-last for the second week in a row. Girl, don’t worry ’bout them bitches, they’re hateful. Mayhem is low energy, not motivated and is really getting down on herself; we all just feel terrible for her.


We see almost none of Dusty in her group’s shoot, as she is overshadowed by the inner turmoils of Monique, Kameron and Mayhem. They’re trying make a good ad out of almost nothing. Mayhem struggles to convey her character, lines and comedy while Kameron is just, well, there. Kameron does nothing, Monique is seen to be micromanaging as team captain and Mayhem is frustrated but won’t say anything! 

Team Monet is facing their own problems as Yuhua has her head in the clouds and refuses to listen to her team’s suggestions to become ugly. We know Yuhua is beautiful in and out of drag, so we want to see her move out of that comfort zone! I want to see a sickening Yuhua – one that makes me want to vomit all over her because she’s that disgusting.

Asia and Aquaria embrace the challenge COMPLETELY. Everything is clock-able. It’s literally like a jeweller with only watches. So much to clock. It is outrageously funny.


Blair’s team easily has the best chemistry of the three. They’re giving us an acting eleganza with slaps, claps and snaps of comedy that I never thought we’d get from Blair. However, there is an obvious seriousness from the Vixen as she takes a professional approach to this challenge, not embracing her team or the concept as well as her role. It could spell disaster.

Before the runway we are shown a touching storyline between Dusty and Blair as they share stories of their conservative, Christian families. We find out that Dusty was ostracized by her family for coming out to them, being taken to church and humiliated to the point where she just had to escape. It is an emotional story of ignorance and hate which has happily been accepted by the drag race family as one of importance.

Anyways, back to the slaying. This. Is. My. Favourite. Runway. Ever.

A feather eleganza extravaganza! To be honest, I think all the girls looked fierce, elegant and plagued me with enough sickening looks to last a life time. It was a great runway, but I’ll have to give my tops and bottoms of the week like any other.


The Vixen

Okay, you cannot tell me that you weren’t gagged when you saw this look. She is DIVINE and her look made me see the Vixen in a different light. She looked absolutely stunning in her peacock-inspired outfit, strutting down the runway. It’s pecking beautiful.


Kameron Michaels

Can we all acknowledge how sickening Kameron looks this week? She is living my magnificent Maleficent fantasy in those cock feathers. I literally cannot get enough. She always looks so prepared, and she executed this cosplay-esque look extremely well. A black cock fantasy if I do say so myself, I’m just raven about it. Okay. I’ll stop now.


Asia O’Hara

I am a sucker for Tweety. That’s all.




Again, she’s landed in my bottom three. Her look was simple and black. There’s not much else to say. Her silhouette is alright, the load on her head is alright, the make up is fierce but it was really just a meh runway to be honest. I wasn’t a fan.


Monet X Change

I was a little disappointed with Monet’s look because I felt like we saw this in her body suit last week. Same colours, same sparkles, same kind of hair. Give us something a bit different. Girl, we know what you been lookin’ like. This had no wow factor for me and felt like one of the weakest looks this week.


Yuhua Hamazaki

I hate it say it, but my girl Yuhua just didn’t deliver. Her basic black crow look was disjointed from head to toe and just didn’t deliver to a high enough standard. You are in danger girl!


After watching all the performances, we can easily conclude that for team Monique, Mayhem’s inability to speak up resulted in a poor performance, Kameron’s lack of enthusiasm caused her group to crumble and Dusty just kind of existed. Blair’s team did a fantastic job, with hilariously sickening acts from Miz Cracker and Eureka’s chemistry. Even Blair herself did an excellent job. The Vixen was also kind of just there, however.


Now for team Monet. What an outstanding team – with the exception of Yuhua. She was obviously the weakest link of the team and we do feel sorry for her.

We then find out after that tops from this week include Eureka, Asia and Blair accompanied by the bottoms: Yuhua, Mayhem and Kameron.


Asia’s Tweety-Bird-inspired look, as well as her flawless performance in the main challenge, soared over the other girls’ results, and she was condragulated as the winner of this week’s challenge. Ru is then left with the decision of the bottom two.

Kameron was saved from the lip-sync by her runway outfit, and THANK GOD she was because we haven’t seen enough of this butch queen’s looks yet. We are left with Mayhem and Yuhua and my heart goes out to both. This will be a fierce lip-sync.

Both girls give abundantly high energy. However, Mayhem commands the attention of the judges. She gives an intense performance while Yuhua tries to claw her audience back towards her with an awesome air guitar solo. Both hit every word of the song but only one can win.

Mayhem gets a Shante, Yuhua must sashay away.

We will never forget Yuhua. Yuhua in our hearts forever.