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The Red Cross is Thirsty for your Superpower Blood

If you could have one superpower what would it be? Invisibility or telepathic communication powers, perhaps? According to the Red Cross, you may already have a superpower hidden in your blood.

“With one in three of us needing donated blood in our lifetime, the life you save could be that of a friend or family member”, said Shaun Inguanzo from the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is calling for blood donations
The Red Cross are in desperate need of blood donations! (Image: Pinterest)

O-Negative blood has been dubbed ‘superpower‘ blood. This is because it can be given to anybody in an emergency, regardless of their own blood type. Blood types are divided into four groups; A, B, AB and O. These blood types are classified  further as Rh-positive or Rh-negative.

Only nine percent of Australians are O-negative, yet this is the only blood type which can be given to anybody! This makes O-negative blood in very high demand. However, it is still preferable to match blood types exactly, so make sure you donate regardless of your blood type – even if you don’t know what type you are yet. The Red Cross Blood Service are desperate to increase donations this month. By Friday 15 September, an additional 3000 donations of O-negative blood is needed.

“Every blood donation can save three lives”, says the Australian Red Cross

The shortage of blood is thought to be due to a particularly long winter compared to previous years. People suffering cold and flu symptoms were unable to donate, which compromised emergency supplies. There’s only one day’s supply of O-negative blood left.

The Red Cross is calling for blood!
The Red Cross is desperate for blood donations this month (image: Brand Synario)

Sometimes blood transfusions are a one-off for a patient, following an accident or short-term issue. Others require constant transfusions to stay alive. O-negative blood is primarily used for emergency situations and accidents.

If the possibility of saving somebody’s life still isn’t enough initiative for you, the free bicky you’ll receive afterwards has been endorsed by both Adriano Zumbo and the Cookie Monster as the best you’ll ever have. Who can argue with an expert?

Check your eligibility to donate today!