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Post election: why it is crucial to still care

In 2019, we saw two crucial elections take place. The 2019 NSW State Election saw Gladys Berejiklian be successful in recapturing the vital NSW State Premier title. Scott Morrison succeeded in the 2019 Federal Election, giving us a Prime Minister who thinks ScoMo is a cool nickname. Both campaign wins were advantageous to the Liberal Party, leaving the Australian Labor Party to regroup and even assign new party leaders post election.


The US election cycle is over two years long. One year is dedicated to electing the Democratic and Republican candidates ,and one year of campaigning between the successful candidates. Ultimately, leaving an entire nation disappointed with the outcome.


Australia on the other hand, does not make a big commotion. An election is called and the candidates of all major parties have mostly been their party’s leader for years. Therefore, building a rapport as the political parties leader is not necessary; marketing the party leader as the possible next Prime Minister is all that is required. Easy peasy, right?


easy peasy? ScoMo election


Think again. Election cycles within Australia last less than a month. This means both major parties must make their plans clear on the following: economy, healthcare, employment, taxes, border security, and environmental sustainability. These pertinent and sometimes life altering election issues take over society as well as the media cycle for the entire election cycle for less than one month.


Should Australia take note from our Daddy, the US, and lengthen our election cycles so the general population is more aware of political decisions that will effect them for the next four years? God no, we aren’t that stupid.


However, one thing millennials need to change is only caring about politics during the very short election cycle. From Facebook statuses, Instagram Stories, Tweets, and even informative blogs, the Australian millennial during an election year is well informed and proactive in spreading information which could possible educate the voting public.


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Elections however eventually end, and as we know the interest of the public generally also comes to an end as well. This is something that needs to change. If you want change within your government then you need to show that you also care post election.


We are the first technologically driven generation. We have an abundance of knowledge at our fingertips. We have a responsibility to educate the public sphere through the platforms we have so effortlessly integrated into our lives.


Politics is such a complex topic. So why do we reserve only one month, every four years, to discuss the topic. We need to regroup as a generation and re-establish our interest in the government and the politics surrounding the government.  


Politics should not take over your life. However, if the Great Barrier Reef was dying in March during the election, it is most likely still dying in June post election. The Great Barrier Reef did not magically get fixed. The point being that just because you campaigned for change during an election cycle and no one listened, it does not mean you are not making some change. Change doesn’t start with people. It starts with the way we as human beings think. Constants within our lives is something we strive for. Why not make politics one of those constants?


post election care about issues


No one is saying get in the face of a Baby Boomer and scream your opinions. However, one of the stereotypical characteristics of millennials is that we have short attention spans, and when it comes to our lack of interest in politics we prove that stereotype to be true.


Make a change. Make it now. Care about politics before, during, and even after an election cycle. It could make a world of difference.


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