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‘Please Explain’ Coral Bleaching to Pauline Hanson

One Nation Leader and active climate change denier, Pauline Hanson has visited the Great Barrier Reef with the intention of disproving the massive effects bleaching has had on the reef this year. Yup.

Hanson and other One Nation senators, including Malcolm Roberts, took a dive off the coast of Great Keppel Island yesterday, to inspect the coral, finding most of it to be colourful and healthy the deeper you go.

I don’t think you’re supposed to pull it out of the water. Source

Hanson questioned the scientific claims that the reef had suffered the worst bleaching in its history this year and accused the media of over publicising the issue, which has affected Queensland tourism.

“We can’t have these lies put across by people with their own agendas,” she said.

Hmmm. Right.

However, get this, the dive took place at the south end of the reef around Rockhampton, approximately 1000 kilometres from where mass bleaching events occurred earlier this year. Further north near Lizard Island is where approximately 80-100% of coral suffered bleaching.

When questioned why the dive didn’t take place further north, Senator Malcolm Roberts admitted that bleaching had happened, but was certain the reef was recovering and that the bleaching had been a natural occurrence.

Yeah looks good. Source.

The One Nation Party’s aim was to encourage everyone to go and visit Queensland, not be scared of the amazing tourist destination that is the Great Barrier Reef just because of a little bleaching. So let’s all go see for ourselves, shall we? I have a feeling we won’t be pleasantly surprised.