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Pix2Pix is AI That Turns Drawings Into Nightmare Fuel

Art is a great way to relax. However, we’ve all had bad days where our drawings are less “inspirational way to unwind” and more “dear God how did I create this monstrosity?!”

The struggle is real. Source

Well, thanks to the beauty of technology and a dedicated group of Dutch Public Broadcasters, you can turn your messed up drawings into realistic recreations using a artificial intelligence system. It sounds scary, because it is scary.

Pix2Pix allows you to draw whatever you want, bad or good. The AI system then creates and fills in the blanks of whatever you’ve drawn with images of Lara Rense’s face (one of the Dutch broadcasters). The results often look like an oil paintings, if oil paintings were solely painted by the devil.

I gave it a go, and while I’m not exactly an artist, you can still see AI web tool works.

Pix2Pix drawing
Behold Squareface! Tremble in his presence!

As you can see, Pix2Pix was able to nail the mouth and eyes, and even guess where some hair should go. Still, the results are definitely nightmare fuel. It doesn’t help that I don’t have any drawing talent at all, but perhaps that works best for this tool. Use whatever drawings you can and destroy your soul!

There IS actually supposed to be point to the system. You’re supposed to d to try and draw the host (Lara Rense) with the AI being able to fill in the outlines with photo-realistic images. But where’s the fun in that when you can draw random blob people that will give you insomnia for life?

Head over to the Pix2Pix site and give the creepy yet addictive tool a whirl.