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Physical Key Support Added to Facebook

Social media giant Facebook has now implemented the use of physical security keys for enhanced account security. This comes at a time when online privacy is one of the major concerns in the tech world.

Physical key
Physical key. Source.

The way it works is that the security key, which is inserted into the computer through USB, acts as a second gatekeeper to your accounts. While you still need your password, this makes it a lot harder for hackers and other undesirables out of your account. While Facebook has offered two-step verification for some time, they say this is a bigger step forward to preventing account theft.

“Using your phone for two-factor authentication works well for a lot of people, and it’s way more secure than using just your password,” Facebook commented on their Facebook Security page. “Security keys offer certain advantages, though, and we wanted to offer people the option.”

Security keys are fast becoming one of the more popular methods of two-factor security due to their easy setup, functionality, and imperviousness to phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. It is currently just over $30 to get one of these security keys shipped down under but, as more and more websites start to implement this system, the more options we’ll see.