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Dutton Fears Political Correctness is Stealing Christmas

You know all those Christmas lights/decorations/sales/carols/memes you’ve undoubtedly seen and heard around real life or the internet for the last month or so? Well, they are under threat guys. According to Immigration Minister and apparent festive expert Peter Dutton, political correctness is threatening the magic of Christmas! So we better hang the mistletoe and deck the halls before we lose Christmas all together!

Quick, before Dutton steals it. Source

On talkback radio station 2GB last Friday, Dutton spoke to a caller who claimed that his grandchildren’s school had changed the lyrics of a Christmas carol to make them secular rather than religious. The lyrics were changed from ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ to ‘We Wish You A Happy Holiday’. Dutton reacted angrily, telling 2GB radio host Ray Hadley,

“You make my blood boil with these stories…It is political correctness gone mad and I think people have just had enough of it.”

Woah, cool it Dutton. The only thing that should be boiling during Chrissy in Aus is the thermostat, am I right?

Santa cooling down during an Australian Christmas. Source.

Dutton said that Christmas carols are normal and that “these sort of campaigns” should be left to the internet and out of schools. Dutton likened the lyric changes to the Teachers for Refugees campaign that began in Victoria and NSW earlier this week which involved teachers wearing pro-refugee shirts to school in protest of Australia’s off-shore detention camps for asylum seekers.

Despite 22% of Australia’s population not stating a religion in the 2011 census, Dutton stated,

“Many of the people, regardless of their religious belief, would be there happy to sing along with Christmas carols.”

Forget the figgy pudding, we’ve got to embrace the real meaning of Christmas: chillin’ out with the family. As well as for many, a celebration of the story of Jesus, Joseph and Mary. You know, a wandering family looking for refuge and shelter in a safe—ohhh, wait you already ruined that too didn’t you Dutton. Now I don’t know what to believe.

A church sing in Canada relating the story of Jesus, and the current Syrian refugee crisis. Source