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‘Outlander’ Season 3 Trailer Just Dropped

Ah, Outlander. No other television show could make time travelling back to the 18th century and falling in love with a Scottish Highlander, before teaming up to stop the Jacobite revolution seem so… normal. 

Fans have been dying for a taste of what is to come from the latest instalment from the series, after the second season of the show finished in July 2016.

It seems that what fans have nicknamed “Droughtlander” is no more, with a teaser dropping for the third season!

Outlander S3 trailer drops.
Ay, Jamie. You’re not wrong there. Source.

The trailer, only 40 seconds in length, will send chills down your spine. The series starts where the second finishes off, with Claire (Caitriona Balfe) returned to her own true time period in the 20th century. Her husband and lover stuck is in the 18th century. Geographically not so far a part, but there is almost 200 years between them. The trailer will leave you breathless as Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), Scottish Highlander and love of Claire’s life, declares that he will find her. No matter what it takes.

The series will be a little different to the extravagant scenery we’re used to from the show – from the middle of Paris and Versailles to the gorgeous Scottish countryside. However, we are extremely excited to see the costuming and sets for this season.

This season of the television show is based on Diana Gabaldon’s third novel in the series, Voyager. 

Outlander will return to the air in September 2017.