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‘Outlander’ Recap: ‘Creme de Menthe’

Creme de Menthe kicks off with Claire still facing her attacker, the man sent by Sir Percival to find Jamie’s ledgers of his illegal alcohol smuggling business. Percival believes Jamie is ripping him off, and he isn’t about to let Jamie take him for a ride – considering he’s the one that allows Jamie to smuggle in the first place.

So, Claire fights the guy off, but he smacks his head and ends up with a subdural hematoma, which basically means there is a blood clot in his brain. Claire, having taken an oath to always save lives, springs into action. Jamie wants her to let the bastard die.

creme de menthe
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He gets his wish in the end, because Claire’s efforts couldn’t save the man.

It frustrates her, however. It reminds her that she and Jamie don’t know each other as well as she thought. She’s reminded of what an archaic time she previously lived in. It makes her wonder what Jamie’s plan is. Are they going to live in a brothel forever? Will she practice medicine? There are so many questions.

Jamie is too busy worrying about exposing Madame Jan and hiding all his booze.

Meanwhile, Young Ian and Fergus go about doing Jamie’s bidding. They’re offloading the alcohol to another buyer, and to celebrate doing so successfully, Young Ian goes about wooing a woman. He’s adorable, like a deer-in-headlights. It’s that moment when your brain goes to mush when you meet your first crush.

creme de menthe

The girl in question finds it adorable however, and they end up at Jamie’s print shop together. They engage in risqué behaviour, before another one of Sir Percival’s men come after them.

Jeez, won’t this guy give it a rest?

Anyway, Ian and this guy fight and it ends up exposing Jamie’s seditious activities. A fire begins in the shop, and Jamie saves Ian, the girl having already escaped.

When Claire and Jamie realise what has happened, that Jamie has been exposed, they realise they may have to go on the run again.

After the explosive episode of last week, the reunion episode, whatever followed was going to be disappointing. Creme de Menthe had some drama, but it wasn’t exactly attention-grabbing. It was honestly more adorable watching Fergus and Ian be bros.

It wasn’t long before we got our wake up call: perhaps these two time-crossed lovers weren’t going to work out. People grow over time, they change – what if they’d grown apart so drastically?

So much drama, angst and heartbreak.

Creme de menthe

What will be in store for us next?