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It’s Not Flying, it’s Falling With Style: Sully Teaser Trailer

Entertainment Tonight have exclusively revealed the first  teaser-trailer for Clint Eastwood’s latest film, Sully, starring everyone’s favourite leading man: Tom Hanks. The film is based on the book Highest Duty, by Chelsey Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow, and revolves around the event that occurred on January 15th 2009. On that day, Captain Sullenberger managed to save 155 people by gliding a disabled aircraft into the Hudson River. The movie explores this as well as the investigation that occurred following the incident, which threatened Sully’s reputation and his career.


When I first saw the trailer, I was instantly reminded of the excellent 2012 drama Flight, with Denzel Washington and John Goodman. Although Flight deals with darker themes such as drug abuse and alcoholism, it does also explore how a seemingly heroic act can be met with such scrutiny. Tom Hanks, as usual, looks on top form as Sully, and it’s safe to say that he will be amongst the contenders in this year’s Oscars race. The supporting cast, which includes Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney, all seem to be equally up to the task and under the direction of Clint Eastwood, it’s hard to think that Sully will be anything other than incredible.

Sully is released in Australian cinemas on September 8, 2016.

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