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American Horror Story star eyed for Nightwing role

It’s been nearly seven months since Warner Bros announced that a movie based on the DC Comics character Nightwing was in development, with the LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay at the helm.

News on the film has been otherwise sparse, though we do know that the film will pay homage to the titular hero’s origin story, and will be a very action-heavy film with little use of stuntmen.

But less than a day ago, the film’s director followed actor Finn Wittrock on Twitter, which many have taken as a sign that the American Horror Story star has been cast as the lead.

Nothing has been confirmed by Warner Bros, McKay or even Wittrock himself. But considering Wittrock’s recent spike in popularity, his age and even his looks (OMG those cheekbones and ebony locks!) make him a dead-ringer for the main role.

For readers unfamiliar with the character, Nightwing (AKA Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson) was originally the first Robin, debuting in Detective Comics #38 (1940) as Batman’s first sidekick (and the first teen sidekick in comics history).

Grayson stayed on as Batman’s sidekick until 1984, when he gave up the Robin mantle and adopted the identity ‘Nightwing’ instead. The former sidekick has become a key player in the DC Comics continuity as a member of fan-favourite teams like the Teen Titans and the Outsiders.

Nightwing has also been noted for his good looks (ranked #1 Sexiest Male Comic Book Character by ComicsAlliance), stealing the hearts of numerous heroines (Donna Troy, Batgirl/Oracle, Starfire and Supergirl) and for his cheeky demeanor, making Wittrock’s casting all the more appealing.

If all these coincidences didn’t seem enough evidence, then here’s some more: a post re-tweeted by Wittrock himself:

The post, created by Twitter user @smcolbert, depicts a photo-shopped picture of Wittrock in full Nightwing costume. The photo was created shortly after news of McKay’s following was announced and was re-tweeted by Wittrock himself even sooner.

Will Wittrock be joining the DCEU after all? Or has another actor joined the DC Teaser Train? We’ll find out in the coming months.

A release date for the Nightwing film has yet to be announced.