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“It is Happening again” New Twin Peaks Photos Released

As all of us who are brutally obsessed with cult TV show Twin Peaks already know, a third season is just around the corner. After ending 26 years ago, it’s now being brought back with most of the original cast still in tow. And here are the pics to prove it.

New photos by Entertainment Weekly show the cast assembled once more alongside scenes from the new season. The photos include everyone’s favourite FBI agent (Sorry Mulder and Scully) Dale Cooper, less fictitiously known as Kyle Machlaclan, as well as Madchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryll Lee, Dana Ashbrook, James Marshall, and creator of it all, David Lynch.

While the cast may have aged, they still have the same style that made the original series so popular. Though hype for the revival is already in overdrive, there’s still some time to go before the show’s return on May 18.

In the meantime, satisfy your Twin Peaks cravings with the photos below.

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