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New to Streaming March 2017

Another month, another list of binge-worthy television to add to our to watch list. So what should you add to your queue this March?


Riverdale – Every Friday night

The Netflix Original series continues this March, with episode 6 kicking off on March 3rd. The show is giving us more questions than answers, and we all just want to know, what happened to Jason Blossom?


Homeland Season 5 – March 5th

The last we saw of Carrie Mathieson on the streaming service was the chaos of what happened in Islamabad and the collapse of the US Embassy there. Finally, season 5 hits an Aussie streaming service, despite season 6 already airing in the U.S.

Season 5 kicks off with Carrie living in Germany, heading up the security for a philanthropist who lives there. However, nothing is ever calm in the spy world for long. Where will it take Carrie?

Iron Fist – March 17th

The next chapter in the Defenders series follows Danny Rand, a martial arts expert who returns after being presumed dead for 15 years to take over his family’s company. This is a Marvel TV show, though, so it probably isn’t as simple as that.

Selma – March 18th

This film recounts the events in the three months leading up to the march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 during the Civil Rights Movement. The real life march led to one of the most historic pieces of legislation; the Voting Rights Act 1965.

Me Before You – March 21st

This film raised some concerns when it came out for two reasons – firstly because it uses a completely able-bodied actor to play a character who is paralysed, and secondly because it discusses euthanasia.

However, at the core of the story is a sweet romance between a girl in stripey bee tights and a boy who’s world view has completely changed.


Regular Show Seasons 3-7 – March 1st

Get ready for more laughs with Rigby and Mordecai as they get up to even weirder adventures as the show goes on.

LOL – March 3rd

A movie about teenagers, a trip to Paris and the pressure to act all grown up. I’m sure plenty of people can relate!

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – March 4th

Starring Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor, the story follows a sheik who wants to bring the sport of fly fishing to Yemen. Just how are they going to manage that?


Elementary Season 3 – March 15th

When we last saw Holmes and Watson, things weren’t looking too good. Joan was moving out, and Sherlock was worried about the breakdown of their relationship.

We wonder what’s been happening since they’ve been apart.

December Boys – March 21st

This 2007 flick is set in the 1960s and follows the story of four orphan boys who are chosen to take a trip to a small Australian coastal town. It’s an incredibly long film, in the typical Aussie style, but the story line is classic coming-of-age. Plus, we get to see a different side of Harry Potter’s, Daniel Radcliffe.

You can see the full list of what is coming to the streaming services here. Dates listed are subject to change.