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It’s A Christmas Miracle! Pokemon Go Has New Pokemon

Remember Pokemon Go?

It was the craze that was everywhere for about three weeks before fading into irrelevancy (a bit like the chick who wore 100 shades of her foundation on her face). Luckily the creators of Pokemon Go have realised that the app is dying, so they’ve released new Pokemon from the Johto series of games.

Now up for grabs are a bunch of the extremely adorable ‘baby pokemon’. Togepi, the cute egg-shaped pokemon made famous by Misty is now available in Pokemon Go, as is Pichu, the baby form of Pikachu. You won’t be able to catch these ones in the wild though, you’ll have to hatch them from eggs collected at Pokestops.

The game has also made some changes for the festive season. There’s a new Christmas themed loading screen, as well as the possibility of catching yourself a Santa Hat Pikachu between now and December 29.

Pokemon Go Santa Pikachu
WANT. Source

The updates certainly aren’t the whole new generation of Pokemon that  fans were hoping for (ALL JOHTO POKEMON NOW PLEASE), but the Pokemon Go team still have lots in plan for the end of the year, and for 2017.

BRB gotta go catch ’em all.