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New dating app ‘Hater’ aims to find love through hate

Hater is the new dating app that will bring you together with people who hate the same things that you do. Hater Founder and CEO Brendan Alper has said that he came up with the idea about a year and a half ago, but hadn’t pictured it would become a real product at the time.

However, the more that Alper talked about it, the potential appeal of the app became apparent.

“It was just in the idea phase. At first I told some people about it — mostly people I was writing comedy with,” says Alper. Everyone had the same reaction: “‘That makes so much sense. It’s really funny, but why doesn’t that exist?’,” he explains. “It really got my gears turning.”

Hater is different from your standard dating apps like Tinder and OK Cupid. Instead of swiping based on photos or making you fill out 49596 in depth and personal questions, Hater gives you a bunch of topics to weigh in on. We’re constantly

We’re constantly looking for new alternatives to Tinder and it seems like we’ve found it with Hater. With 3,000 topics available to choose from, it’ll be easy to figure out your real opinion on country music.

This will be you and your boo on Hater. Source.Source.

Hater uses the swipe method that was made popular by Tinder, allowing you to quickly decide on your opinions if that’s your thing. There are four options: love, hate, like and dislike, which allows users to show their dislike or hatred of a subject.

This brings a few things into question. What if you have strong feelings about a particular season of a show but, are positive to the show as a whole? Which way would you swipe? It can all get ugly really quick if you’re a bit indecisive.

Although dating in the 21st century is a full-fledged nightmare, it’s nice to know there’s another app designed to bring people together through the mutual hatred of the same things.