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New Baywatch Trailer is out!

Baywatch is getting a much needed reboot. With the trailer for the new Baywatch trailer being released, it has people more excited than ever about Zac Efron’s seemingly impossible 8 pack.

Baywatch is going to be released in Australia in May, 2017 which feels like forever away. However, the reason for the late release date is due to Paramount wanting to release it in time for Memorial Day, which is a day where those who died on active service are remembered. This is usually the last Monday in May.

According to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who stars in the film, he gave these reasons through an Instagram post:

This big news happened quickly. We tested our Rated R @BaywatchMovie to a huge audience a few weeks ago and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.. (that's the politically correct way of saying the crowd went ape shit w/ laughter;). The audiences' wildfire response to #Baywatch made us rethink our release date, and us as producers and Paramount studios both felt that Memorial Day weekend is the perfect weekend to invite the world to our beach for fun in the sun. The other big movie coming out on that date is my bud Johnny Depp's #PiratesOfTheCaribbean5 which I can't wait to see. Memorial Day weekend 2017 is gonna be a big one: The Rated R Avengers of the Beach, who are highly dysfunctional while being incredibly cool, tan and ripped VS The Pirates. Gonna be massively fun time at the movies. Can't wait. Bring it on. #Baywatch MEMORIAL DAY. * I'll launch the WORLD PREMIERE trailer of #Baywatch IN 2 DAYS for you. Stay tuned👊🏾

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The film features ‘The Rock’ playing a seasoned lifeguard who wants to bring honour to the Baywatch name. Zac Efron’s character is the new and reckless gold medalist who PR have brought in, the pair get up to all kinds of craziness when a dead body is washed up on the beach. From here, they uncover a criminal plot that threatens the way of life in the bay.

With a star studded cast running in slow motion almost everywhere they go, this movie is sure to be a hit. What more can you want from a film that has The Rock whose constantly grumpy and a shirtless Zac Efron? Feel free to watch the trailer below. I know I will.