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Netflix is Giving Us Another Murder Miniseries

It seems as though the world can’t get enough of a “who dunnit” murder series. After the huge success of Making A Murderer and the hype around the release of Casting JonBenet, Netflix have heard our pleas for more.

The Keepers is a seven part story surrounding the murder of 26-year-old nun and school teacher, Sister Cathy Cesnik, who disappeared from the Baltimore area back in 1969 after a Friday night shopping trip. Her body turned up months later.

Netflix promises that her death still has an impact on the area, and that it’ll cover “the horrific secrets and pain that linger nearly five decades after her death.” Interesting.

The Baltimore Sun reports that a priest, named Father Joseph Maskell, who also taught at the school where Sister Cathy was a popular staff member, was considered a suspect not only by police but by some students who attended the school at the time.


The priest allegedly molested dozens of students at the school, many of who were female. One of the biggest theories floating around is that Sister Cesnik was killed to cover up that abuse. After 50 years, will Netflix come closer to cracking the case than law enforcement has been able to?

The series, streaming on May 19th, is sure to be a hit. Murder, secrets and the Catholic Church? It sounds like the making of something big.

Netflix aren’t releasing anymore details on the show for now, but stay tuned. We think it’ll only be a matter of time. For now, you can watch the super chilling trailer: