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Netflix is now going further into the film industry

Netflix has completely revolutionised the way that we watch television. It’s made for binge watching an entire series, provided it’s available, in a few days. So, it should come as no surprise that these innovative folks have decided to go a step further to make themselves integral to how we source entertainment.

Netflix have decided to hire a film industry god known as Scott Stuber to head its film division. Stuber is the producer of the comedy Ted, so that should tell you all you need to know about how attention grabbing his work is.

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Although Netflix are no strangers to producing original content (like, obvz we’ve all seen the masterpiece that is House of Cards), they’ve decided to  produce 30 original films within 2017.

Netflix has said in a statement, “Scott is well known and respected in the film industry. His innovative work and strong talent relationships should help accelerate the Netflix original film initiative as we enter into a new phase of big global productions with some of the greatest directors, actors and writers in the film business.”

The idea behind the boost in creating original films is so that Netflix can become a key player within the film industry. With a entire new range of original movies to choose from, which averages about the three movies a month according to the new plan, only time will tell whether or not Netflix are key players within the game just yet.

It sounds like Stuber is excited as well, as he said in a statement:

“Netflix is at the forefront in changing the way entertainment is enjoyed throughout the world, bringing a greater variety of stories to more people than ever before,” said Stuber. “It’s an incredible opportunity to work with a company with such reach and that stands for such diverse quality content for global audiences.”

With the streaming company releasing a $90million fantasy film called Bright, starring Will Smith. It’s clear that they’re diving right into producing more films without hesitation. We’re excited to see what kind of content will come next.