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Mokase: The Phone Case that Makes Espresso

What would you say to having coffee on the go inside your smartphone case? Uh, heck yeah. Mokase is a phone case that not only protects your phone, but is an espresso dispenser.

But imagine this: you’re sitting at your work desk, you fumble for your phone in your pocket and a tiny sound emits from inside. Your Mokase app has just activated. Suddenly your pants are covered in hot espresso and you now need a change of clothes. Talk about pocket dialling at its finest.

Users utilise the companion app to activate the coffee dispenser. Source.

This situation is unlikely to happen (unless you’re just damn unlucky). The way it functions is you insert a disposable espresso-infused wafer into the slot of the case, tell it to heat up with the app provided, and you have coffee! Keep in mind you only receive 25ml worth of espresso per wafer. The liquid is heated to a temperature between 50 – 60 degrees Celcius via the case’s built-in lithium-metal battery, and the pipe through which the coffee is dispensed is alloy aluminium-silcon, made resistant to hot temperatures.

Test production shots. Source.

The gadget’s premise is interesting in itself. A portable espresso machine – it’d be so handy. It’s also slim and compact enough that it won’t look too bulky in your pocket, although the accompanying portable cup might say otherwise. The product claims to not impact the functionality of your smartphone in any way and you control the operation through Mokase’s companion app. The range of flavours is only limited to classic, toasted and arabic; the shade range is between black and white. But so far, this is sounding promising.

Mokase seeks to be compatible with just about every smartphone including Apple, Samsung, Huawei and LG. Having started fundraising on Kickstarter, the popularity of the project has since seen the launch of the Mokase for immediate production. Looks like the worst case scenario has been averted, and coffee connoisseurs will soon be the judges of smartphone dispensed espresso.

You can check out their campaign video below.