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Modern Day Spiderman Climbs Trump Tower

You’d think he lost a bet with his mates at the pub, because why else would you attempt to climb a 200m building in New York City, owned by Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, with nothing more than suction cups?

While nothing has been confirmed, it’s rumoured that the man was attempting to find where Donald Trump was hiding his common sense and decency, but after 2 hours of climbing the tower with suction cups, he was pulled inside the building by police at 6:30pm.

If you watch this Facebook Livestream posted by CNN, you can see the police and fire department opening the building vents like ‘whack-a-moles’ trying to stop the man.

Well, clearly Trump has some issues to iron out if he intends to build his wall on the Mexican border, but I think we can all agree that this man, while definitely dangerous and illegal, he is basically the modern day Spiderman.