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Modern Baseball Release new album, ‘Holy Ghost’

Modern Baseball have been on a roll through people’s earphones as they’re fast becoming a household name in the pop punk and emo genre. They have cemented themselves as a world class band with their latest release, Holy Ghost, on Run For Cover Records, which is a great thing in a time where emo music is seen as being stale and repetitive 

The four piece band from Philadelphia, Pensilvania have put out some of the catchiest, down to earth songs that any person can relate to: songs about breaking up, going to parties and feeling like an outcast are aplenty and this is carried into their new album but with a more mature, developed sound and outlook on life. If you have been a fan of Modern Baseball for a while, or you are completely new to them, Holy Ghost feels like you are growing up with the band and you can’t help but let the sad lyrics flow through you.

Modern Baseball, Holy Ghost. Source.

This album was the first record that the band recorded in a studio as opposed to the independent recording and producing that built the previous albums, Sports and You’re Going to Miss It All. Moving into the studio has made this album one of the nicest pop punk/emo records to listen to as it is crisp and clear throughout the 11 songs.

Having different songwriters for the band (Brendan Lukens and Jake Ewald) gives the album some great variation in the themes of the songs. This dual dynamic leads to the album being about the members’ life experiences and the ways that they are feeling, in very down to earth and almost fun way. The album does not suffer from a split in tone or moods between writers as the songs are connected extremely well and have similar stories to tell.

A big part about past Modern baseball albums was the emphasis on the acoustic and the almost folky sound that they created. While this is lacking on Holy Ghost, it does in no means bring the album down. The slight departure from this folk sound moves the band in an interesting direction as it opens up so many options in the future for interesting sounds. If you are craving that acoustic guitar that is so soothing you will love the album’s title track Holy Ghost and Hiding.

In the end, this album is so cleanly produced and the energy behind the performances are outstanding with the lyrics being a standout from the rest of the bands in this genre. You know a band has made an impression on you when you are humming the intro to their songs all day, which is the case the second you hear Wedding Singer. You awkwardly see yourself bopping your head up and down in public. The only gripe I have with the record is the lack of the acoustic sound that I associated with the band from their previous albums. But that is nothing considering I thoroughly enjoyed every song from start to end.