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Medicinal cannabis can now be prescribed in NSW

Pot heads sick people, rejoice! Medicinal cannabis is now legal in New South Wales, Australia. The drug can now be prescribed to patients by doctors in our lovely state after an amendment to the Poison and Therapeutic Goods regulation.


However, there are a number of restrictions on who can prescribe the drug and who it can be prescribed to.

Not every doctor will be able to prescribe the drug, only specialists who will still need to seek the permission of state and federal agencies.

Although there are no official restrictions on who can be prescribed the drug, the approval process will be similar to those already in place for drugs and therapeutics not used inside Australia, meaning that the drug will most likely be limited to terminally ill patients and chemotherapy patients. There is hope this will soon expand to those suffering chronic illness as well.


The drug that will be prescribed is not pure cannabis oil or bud, but rather a synthetic derivative.

The change comes after years of campaigning for the legalisation of the drug, both medicinally and recreationally by activist groups and those suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses.