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Married At First Sight EP15: The second dinner party

If Married At First Sight is the pinnacle of Australian television, then the dinner parties are the pinnacle of Married At First Sight.

We open with some hot goss going around, that Bryce has a secret girlfriend on the outside.

“It legit pisses me off that much because it’s not true. It’s probably one of the girls, they like to create drama and whatnot,” Bryce argues.

“Hopefully this secret girlfriend has blonde hair and blue eyes,” and oh my god STOP with the eye colour thing.

As the couples show up, they immediately start talking about Bryce’s secret girlfriend. 

“I’ve heard about it,” Jake says, and while the experts seem shocked, I’m assuming the producers are now.

“If there’s any truth to this, there are going to be huge bombshells tonight at this Dinner Party,” John Aiken says, as if there was ever going to be a peaceful dinner party.

Apparently the rumour came from a conversation Bec had with Bryce in the gym

“We were at the gym, we were having a conversation where Bryce said that Liss would be easy to get to the end with, that there is a girl on the outside. His mate was in Sydney and asked if he wanted to get her a gift. He said no, he didn’t want to get caught doing anything like that,” she says. 

Any inkling of whether or not she might be making it up goes out the window when Bryce attempts to deny everything and then just starts losing track of his story.

“I said the comments,” he says, “but I never mentioned a gift.”

“But you mentioned a girl,” says Bec.

“Mate, sorry I met a girl on Tinder two months before coming here and slept with her a couple of times,” which is apparently brand new information to everyone. 

While Bryce chucks a tanty at one end of the table, at the other end James and Jo are as cold as ice.

“James has been a liar, he’s lied to me this whole experiment, he’s lied about where he’s been, he twists everything around, he puts the blame on me, so it’s time for me to f–king stand up to him,” says Jo, and she’s absolutely not wrong. These two need to go in the commitment ceremony or I’m going to lose it.

Belinda of all people jumps in as well, and asks James why he supposedly called her frigid.

This sparks the shitshow 2.0, and after a lot of yelling James apologises for calling Belinda frigid, but not for being the worst to his actual wife.

Naturally, James goes on to spend the rest of the night flirting with Kerry. Again, if these two don’t leave at the commitment ceremony I’ll eat my hat.