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Married At First Sight EP13: We farewell three couples

Our second Married At First Sight commitment ceremony is just as messy as the first, but as if we weren’t expecting that.

Cam visits Coco before the ceremony to chat about how he left her high and dry at the dinner party when she told Samantha that she had feelings for Cam, and finally we get the cheating scandal makeout session we’ve been waiting for.

On to the ceremony!

Booka and Brett, aka the only well matched couple here, choose to stay. Big surprise. Next.

Next up are Bryce and Melissa, and because John Aiken feels like starting some shit, he asks about the Bryce V Sam non-fight. Bryce explains when he met Sam, Sam said to him “Oh mate you look nervous” and this is literally all it took for Bryce to start some sort of blood feud with him. The man who told his wife she’s “not ugly” whinges about people being rude.

They both write stay, but Bryce chucks his card in anger, so that’s good.

Jason and Alana both choose to stay, and Bec chooses to leave but is trapped for another week by Jake choosing to stay.

Jo and James are up next and James says: “I’m going to come clean and just say something to you. I’m in love with another woman.”

Holy shitballs, this is what we’re here for.

“It’s Alessandra,” he declares, and I swear the entire country’s heart drops. 

He then says “joking, joking” and Alessandra does what I wish I could do when men make unfunny jokes and says “I don’t get the joke. I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to Joanne sitting next to you.” it’s incredibly uncomfortable.

James chooses to leave,  but Jo chooses to stay, something she probably deeply regrets.

Patrick and Belinda obviously both write stay. Then Russell and Beth finally admit they have exactly zero chemistry and both bow out of the experiment. The give each other a fist bump on the way out, which I kind of love.

Coco and Sam are up next, and the experts try to grill Coco about the affair with Cam, to which her only defence is “There’s been absolutely no rooting or anything.”

I mean, she’s not wrong I guess.

Both Sam and Coco choose to escape the hell they’re in, and Cam and Samantha soon follow.

Tomorrow, new couples!