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Mark Hamill Dubs Trump’s Tweets As The Joker

It’s something we never knew we wanted, yet desperately needed. Mark Hamill reading president-elect Donald Trump‘s tweets as the Joker has to be one of the most exciting events to have happened  so far in 2017- (aside from Ed Sheeran releasing new music of course).

Hamill, who is most famous for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, has long served as the voice of the Joker in the animated Batman series, films and video games. His first role as the Gotham villain began with 1992’s Batman The Animated Series and has subsequently continued on through to 2016’s Justice League Action.

The idea sprouted from comedy writer Matt Oswalt, who tweeted about Trump’s New Year’s message.

Hamill was clearly up for the challenge, and jumped at the chance to make fun of the American politician and businessman.

It’s no secret Mark Hamill has no love for America’s future president. The actor thoroughly criticised Trump on social media throughout his presidential campaign last year, using hashtags #PutinsPuppet and #KGB4Trump to get his point across.

Have a listen to the disturbing audio clip below.