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March’s Memes were Mad

March had us clutching our stomachs with the meanest memes of this year so far. From Patrick Star to Gru, to all sorts of other random skits, it was set from the beginning to be a marvellous month. Without further ado, here’s our shortlist of the greatest memes of March:

Evil Patrick Star / Savage Patrick Meme

I’m unsure how to describe this meme other than it being utterly hilarious. We were all laughing our bikini bottoms off at the stream of memes that were created from the glorious face of our favourite pink star fish, Patrick.

Source: The Chive

But if some of these ain’t true, I don’t know who you are, but you definitely aren’t as savage as Patrick Star.

Source: The Chive
Source: The Chive

Is Meryl Streep the evil fairy godmother from Shrek?

Who knew our girl Meryl Streep was into cosplaying? At the Oscars, she looked almost identical to the fairy godmother from Shrek 2 who tried to kill Shrek and Fiona’s love story! I think Meryl may have cast a spell on all of us…

Source: Twitter

It even escalated to the point where fans were discussing characters to be considered for a Shrek 2 live action film. Needless to say, I think we’d all be for it. I’m just curious as to who would play Donkey, there are so many asses to choose from in Hollywood.

Source: Twitter

BenDeLaCreme’s exit from All Stars 3

Okay, if you haven’t seen RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 then you won’t have any context for this meme. First of all, why aren’t you watching this? Secondly, BenDeLaCreme eliminated herself from the competition. This sparked outrage with fans and tweeters, resulting in a flood of bittersweet memes from the true winner of AS3.

The outrage was due to DeLa winning so many of the challenges, which only further inspired this gag-worthy meme.

Mannequin Head Turn Meme

We’ve seen a lot of mannequin memes over the past few years but none so as relatable as this. Dubbed the ‘Mannequin Head Turn’ meme, this frame mixes sass with more sass (and a little dash of extra sass on top) with just a styrofoam head wearing a do-rag. Well done internet. You win this round.

Chum Bucket vs Krusty Krab

An old rivalry has been reborn. The Chum Bucket and Krusty Krab feud has been brutally fought for decades and is finally back – in meme form. Basically, creators put something they like over the top of the Krusty Krab (left) and something they dislike on the Chum Bucket (left) which results in some heated discussion and hilarious consequences.

Memeception (source)
Source: Twitter    
Source: Twitter

Gru Plan Meme

Who doesn’t love the super evil, despicable, villain-turned-father, Gru? He’s just so lovable we can’t help but adore him and his plans – even though they rarely succeed! Here are some of the best meme adaptations of our favourite bad guy:

Source: knowyourmeme
Source: knowyourmeme

Change My Mind

Earlier this month, Steven Crowder took to TCU’s campus with some smug ass mugs of coffee and an open invitation to debate male privilege. From this, we got a stack of edits that had us in stitches, dubbed “change my mind”. Here’s the original:

It didn’t take long for the internet to get creative:

Source: knowyourmeme
Source: Imgur

March has been a big month for cartoon memes, most notably, Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of his adventures in the coming months. As for March 2018, it killed the Olympic memes of February so, as we bid you adieu, we thank March 2018 for its superb memes and welcome the memes of April.