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Love Australia or Leave Party Says It’s Not Racist, Australia Facepalms

Kim Vuga, the controversial contestant who appeared on Go Back To Where You Came From in 2014 has registered her own political party.

Amen to that. Source

The ever-so-eloquently named Love Australia or Leave party have registered with the Australian Electoral Commission and opposes Islamic immigration, political correctness and multiculturalism.  Don’t they sound great?

Vuga denies that the party is racist or has similar views to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party. Despite their logo being a map of Australia with a stamp on it saying ‘FULL’, Vuga denies any similarities, and notes a few ‘key’ differences as well.

The extremely subtle party logo. No really. Source

‘Well, for one, Pauline has red hair and I’m blonde. There is one difference’ was Vuga’s response when she was questioned on party differences. One of Love Australia or Leave’s primary policies is an immediate ban on Islamic immigration.

“We should have an indefinite moratorium on Islamic immigration by which a complete ban, we need to halt all immigration until such time our country is out of deb,” says Vuga.

The party’s website has a long list of issues that they wish to address, such as combating extremism, the ‘Islamisation’ of Australia, halal certification, implementation of a Guantanamo Bay style facility for terrorists (lol wat?!), no foreign ownership, introducing a pro-firearm policy, and making sure Australia departs from the United Nations.

Dave Grohl speaks the truth. Source

Although they’ve a long list of things they want to achieve should they be elected, it’s clear that the Love Australia or Leave party are focusing on the future of Australia, and have a strong belief that Australia’s relatively successful multiculturalism is a bad thing.

“Until we can secure our own future, we shouldn’t be expected to pick up the tabs for others abroad,” said Vuga.

They are pro same-sex marriage though, so at least that’s something. Fingers crossed the party won’t gain enough  traction to be a threat.

The Love Australia or Leave party are standing four senate candidates, one in each NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.