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Would You Like Fries With That? Finding Sydney’s Best Burgers

In the wonderful city of Sydney, there is a wide variety of food options that will fill your stomach with delicious food for any occasion. But for now we are focusing on one of the most mouth watering, drool inducing foods that will leave you feeling full and wanting more: burgers. It’s pretty hard to stuff up a burger, but there is a big difference between a burger and something that calls to you in the night with dreams of melted cheese and pickles. Let’s go on an exploration to find some of the juiciest burger joints around.

Jacks Newtown

We will start off with a place that is both bustling and tasty. The burgers at Jacks Newtown may be smaller than the others on this list but they pack a punch. The bacon burger was juicy as hell and it left me wanting way more. With moderately priced with chips that steal the show, you can’t go wrong with Jacks.

Jacks Newtown. Source.

Chur Burger

Next up is a joint that is no stranger to being on the top of burger lists in Sydney – Chur Burger in Surrey Hills. With thick patties and a copious amount of sauce it’s worth the long wait. The mustard mayo is some of the nicest dressings I’ve ever had on a burger and the most enjoyable part is trying not to spill it as it oozes out between the buns. Top this off with the amazing sides that are up for offer and Chur Burger a sure fire hit to your tastebuds.

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers

Getting away from the american style burgers for a second, let’s take a trip just outside the city for a second to a burger joint that you will want to travel for. Paul’s Famous Hamburgers is located in Sylvania, just a quick walk away from the water. With huge burgers that can last you all afternoon, it will give you flashbacks of the burgers at the local fish and chip shops, just better. You can’t go wrong with this classic establishment and it isn’t called Paul’s Famous Hamburgers for no reason.

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers. Source.

Burger Project

Now, straight back to the CBD for some of the most amazing selections of burgers on the market. Burger Project has a store in World Square and another in Martin place, and a recently opened store in the Melbourne CBD. It uses some of the finest ingredients in the food industry and this really comes through in the taste. The cheese and bacon burger is the go to on the menu and if you pair this with chilli chips and a chocolate thickshake, your mouth is in for one wild ride.

Burger Project’s double cheeseburger. Source.


This last one holds a very special place in my heart – namely my burger encrusted arteries. Here, the beer is aplenty and the motto is ‘Get Fat’. Mary’s in Newtown and the takeaway store in the CBD host a small but robust selection of burgers and fried chicken. With a metal and punk theme that has you firing on all cylinders and a wide variety of drinks, there is no better place in Sydney to go for some of the best burgers in Australia

Mary’s Newtown. Source.

Got any other banger burger places around Sydney or the city you live in? Corner store chip shop whopper or a back alley slider, let us know!