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Lessons learned from our favourite noughties celebs

Those born in the nineties, like me, grew up fangirling over Aaron Carter and roleplaying characters from Lizzie McGuire with primary school friends. The great nostalgia of growing up in a period where fuchsia pink lipstick and crimped hairstyles were in fashion is both cringe AF and something to be proud of; the tweens growing up in this decade will only be able to make fun of Birkenstocks (a.k.a Jesus sandals) and ripped jeans where there is almost no jean left. But most importantly, our favourite noughties celebs did more than just entertain us with songs, dance and shows; they taught us valuable life lessons:

Avril Lavigne

Her lesson: don’t dye your hair

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Avril Lavigne gave us Girlfriend and Sk8er Boi to jam to in the car on the way to school while our poor parents suffered. Besides her energetic tunes, she also shocked us with ‘cool’ hair dying and hair extensions. It might’ve looked wild then, but now it’s just embarrassing. She mixed blonde hair with artificially bright green and pink (no thanks) and flaunted a bold red streak for quite some time, which is now a look you’d go for if you were a drama student at uni who’s trying too hard.

Britney Spears

Her lesson: don’t have a mental breakdown (well, at that level)

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The infamous Britney meltdown is still one of the biggest pieces of hot, trash-magazine gossip in decades. For those who didn’t steal their mum’s copy of ‘WHO’ magazine every now and then, what basically went down was she shaved her head with an eerie smile and then bashed a car with an umbrella. How good is that? Except that it’s not!

Hilary Duff

Her lesson: be nice to people

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Hilary Duff; the ultimate ‘girl next door’ noughties celeb. She’s a queen. She’s most renowned for playing Lizzie McGuire, a happy girl who was only ever rude to her annoying little brother (and so she should be). She was like our screen tween bestie; no one could hate Hilary! She taught us that being ourselves was cool and that bullies suck. She still makes me feel safe.

Lindsay Lohan

Her lesson: don’t do drugs

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Lindsay Lohan was actually one of the best kid actors; she played twins in The Parent Trap and was the cutest little freckled redhead on TV. Then suddenly she was in Mean Girls and rebranded her image as a badass teen and we loved her even more. Then – well, she just lost the plot. Arrests were thrown around, court hearings, lots of drugs, and definitely a few too many shots of tequila for a Tuesday night, even in Hollywood. We idolised her and then became pretty scared of her.

Aaron Carter

His lesson: don’t fall for players

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Our previous two noughties gals, Miss Lohan and Miss Duff, were at war in 2004 over a boy with blonde hair for days and a smile that would legit sparkle, even on the wall posters in our bedrooms: Aaron Carter. He started dating Hilary first at the ripe age of 13 years old (aww). According to Buzzfeed, Carter broke up with Hilary because she was boring, and then went out with Lindsay to only break up with her because she was even more boring! Hmm, or maybe you’re boring, Aaron. I don’t like Aaron.

Paris Hilton

Her lesson: don’t overdose on the colour pink

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Pink is my favourite colour. I love a splash of pink in my scarf or a soft pink lip, but my whole wardrobe plus a matching outfit for my pet chihuahua? That’s not hot for anyone, noughties celeb or not. 

Ryan Gosling

His lesson: beauty can improve with age

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He was the little boy on The Mickey Mouse Club and then the hot guy from The Notebook. He wasn’t a bad looking kid, but this celeb definitely became more popular and more ‘rugged and chiselled’ after he matured (as most males do), but he was very well-known for it. He has been nominated for the title of Sexiest Man Alive multiple times and has repeatedly turned down the offer, which somehow makes him even sexier.

Amanda Bynes

Her lesson: don’t change too much

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I don’t even want to get started with Mandy; this celeb changed overnight and it still haunts me.


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