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Learn A New Skill During Lockdown With Cork & Canvas and Life With Paint

Coronavirus obviously has us all trapped in our homes, unless you’re an essential worker and in that case, we thank you for your service. However, for the rest of us trapped indoors because either your office is closed or you lost your job. It isn’t the end of the world. Take this time stuck indoors and help flatten the curve. Learn a new skill. Learn to paint.

painting is a skill
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Cork & Canvas and Life With Paint are here to help you through these unpleasant and uncertain times while we are all trapped inside.

This piece will offer a breakdown of the two uniquely amazing artistic experiences and highlight what they both have to offer you as an aspiring painter and possibly the next Picasso.

Cork and Canvas and Life With Paint will enable you to be confident in your artistic ability with their amazing online classes which utilise Zoom. Zoom being that platform all university students have become all too familiar with over the past few months…shake away the negative energy you currently associate with Zoom because I promise Zoom will never feel the same.

On Demand & Live Streaming

Both Cork & Canvas and Life With Paint offer classes to teach you the skill of painting from the comfort of your own home.

Cork & Canvas offers plenty of options for the on demand classes and as the name implies, they suggest that you pop open a bottle of bubbles while you and your girls or guys paint up a storm. Live Streaming classes on Zoom are subject to specific times and dates advertised by Cork & Canvas. Also, art supplies are sold separately on their website.

Life With Paint also offers on demand classes which can be purchased as class and art supply bundles and enable customers to eliminate the guesswork out of their experience in regards to what supplies they will need. Live Zoom classes are not subject to times and dates, instead, painters chose their own times and dates which suit their schedule.

Zoom meetings are an even harder skill
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Variety Of Painting Choices

Cork & Canvas offers a wide variety of scenic masterpieces for you and your friends. Ranging from more serious paintings to test your skill such as Mt Fuji, The Northern Lights and even Bora Bora sunsets. More serious painters can also have a go at painting from Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflower’ series. However, if you’re feeling a little quirky and want to take advantage of the drunken fun. Why not chose to paint KoKo Koala, Buster the dog or even Nibbles the rabbit.

Similarly, Life With Paint offers the same amount of seriousness and quirky fun. Have a go at Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, or even Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’. Why not be weird and take part in the Paint your Doggo session. Maybe drama is more your thing, in that case, have a go at Llama Drama or Happy Heifer, which is basically a gorgeous cow with a hat made of flowers. If you don’t want that placed in your dining room we can’t be friends.


Disney's Toulouse has a real skill for painting
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How They Are Making Lockdown Better

Both Cork & Canvas and Life With Paint are offering an affordable experience for you and your friends or work colleagues to connect with while we are all trapped in lockdown. Learning a new skill while stuck at home is quite an achievement and they are both working towards giving people that little bit of joy in a time of darkness.

I spoke with Melinda, the creative director of Cork & Canvas and she highlighted that they, “strive to bring a relaxing, enjoyable and creative experience to all our guests”.

When asked about how they are making lockdown enjoyable Melinda highlighted that their Zoom classes, “allow us to continue to provide this experience in a virtual setting with our expert artists providing step by step guidance in what we’ve deemed our virtual studio.”

I also spoke with social media coordinator, Casey Bautista from Life With Paint through Instagram and delved deeper into what their experience brings to customers, the team highlighted that “Life With Paint brings back the joy of creation which gradually gets lost throughout the years. We bring back the ability to create and actually bring something into the physical universe.”

I’m sure like many of us the variety of content on Netflix can only keep you entertained for a limited amount of time. Life With Paint received similar feedback from satisfied customers who credit them for making lockdown enjoyable and that “they are the perfect solution because they were getting sick of Netflix and it’s limited content.” This is, of course, no knock to Netflix, however during a lockdown smashing through 10 seasons is not a difficult task. We need to stimulate ourselves further.

Look at the masters of painting - what skill they have!
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Cork & Canvas and Life With Paint are there to offer you that much needed stimulation.  So head on over to their websites and make an enquiry for your friends or your office and be dubbed the lockdown King or Queen for suggesting something creative for you and your friends to take part in while trapped at home.

For more information on Cork & Canvas and Life With Paint click the hyperlinks.


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